Prosecutor's Building
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Owned by Prosecutor's office
Entrance Underground parking lot
Enter from Wright Anything Agency
Detention center
Police department entrance
Relevant cases Rise from the Ashes
Turnabout Serenade
Turnabout Visitor

The Prosecutor's Building is the main headquarters of the Los Angeles prosecutor's office, which employs prosecutors living in Los Angeles. It has at least 12 floors; the twelfth floor houses the offices of Miles Edgeworth and Jacques Portsman. Edgeworth's office in Room 1202 was the scene of a murder in March 2019, and the underground parking lot was believed to have been the scene of another murder in February 2017. The building is 30 minutes away from the police department by taxi.

Murder of Bruce GoodmanEdit

Main article: Rise from the Ashes

In February 2017, Damon Gant fatally stabbed Bruce Goodman in an evidence room in the police department. He put the body into Miles Edgeworth's car and sent Edgeworth on a trivial errand to the underground parking lot of the Prosecutor's Building. He then had Lana Skye, the chief prosecutor at the time, retrieve the body from the car when Edgeworth left, unknowing of what was going on. Skye stabbed Goodman again to tamper with the evidence, but Angel Starr caught her in this act, and thus Skye was arrested. Phoenix Wright took Skye's case despite her insistence on pleading guilty, and eventually it was found that the murder, as well as Skye's cooperation with Gant, had been the result of the events of the SL-9 Incident.

Murder of Buddy FaithEdit

Main article: Turnabout Visitor

In March 2019, another detective, Buddy Faith, was killed when he caught his prosecutor partner Jacques Portsman robbing Miles Edgeworth's office. Later, Tyrell Badd robbed the same office as Edgeworth was returning to the office. Badd managed to escape in the dark, so Edgeworth believed at first that only one robber had been in his office. Eventually, Portsman was found to have been one of the robbers as well as Faith's killer.

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