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The prosecutor trophy, also known as the "King of Prosecutors" trophy and the "King of Prosecutors" award, is a trophy given annually to the top prosecutor from the prosecutor's office during a ceremony in late February. Each year, the recipient of the award has his or her name engraved on the bottom of the trophy. One such trophy was evidence in the murder of Bruce Goodman.

A contradictory tale[]

Spear and shield

The tale of the all-powerful spear and the indestructible shield.

The trophy's appearance comes from an old Chinese tale in Han Feizi about a weapons merchant attempting to peddle his wares (in the version of the story told by Miles Edgeworth, the merchant is peddling his wares to the king). In the story, the merchant brags that his shield can stop any attack and that his spear can pierce any armor. A passer-by (the king in Edgeworth's version) points out that this is a logical contradiction because of the possible scenario of the spear attempting to pierce the shield.

The trophy[]

King Neil

Neil Marshall holding the trophy as it originally appeared.

Originally, the trophy consisted of a shield that was broken at the top and a halberd that was broken in half (although with the top removed, this halberd more closely resembled a sword). This was to allude to the Chinese word for "contradiction", which is "máo dùn" (矛盾). The two characters that compose the word are "矛" ("máo"), meaning "spear", and "盾" ("dùn"), meaning "shield".

However, following the SL-9 Incident, the trophy's halberd was removed by Damon Gant, the District Chief of Police, leaving only the shield on the trophy. This was due to said object being a possible murder weapon in that case.

Goodman's murder[]

Main article: Rise from the Ashes

On the day of Bruce Goodman's murder, the trophy was awarded to Miles Edgeworth at the police department. Later, Chief Gant asked him to take a piece of evidence to the Prosecutor's Building.

While investigating Goodman's murder, Wright found the trophy on Edgeworth's couch in his office. He later asked Edgeworth about it, and learned that the day of the crime was cleaning day at the Prosecutor's Building and that Edgeworth had gotten back at precisely 5:12.

Known winners[]


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