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The Proto Badger is one of the Los Angeles police department's mascots, along with the rest of the Blue Badger family.


The Proto Badger was originally an early design for the Blue Badger. The design later became its own character and was introduced alongside the Bad Badger in Gatewater Land. Gatewater Land has a competition that involves taking a picture of all four Badgers. The Proto Badger, the Blue Badger and the Pink Badger roam the park throughout the day, while the Bad Badger only appears in special events.

Incident at Gatewater Land[]

In 2019, Lance Amano, the son of rich businessman Ernest Amano, faked his own kidnapping from his home with two accomplices, Lauren Paups and Oliver Deacon, because he was in debt to Viola Cadaverini and needed $1 million. Ernest Amano called an associate, Miles Edgeworth, and asked him to deliver $1 million to Gatewater Land to release his son. Meanwhile, Lance Amano and his accomplices wore Badger costumes to roam the park so as to not attract suspicion. Paups was the Blue Badger, Deacon was the Bad Badger, and Lance was the Proto Badger. At one point, Lance and Deacon hid behind a mirror in the haunted house that could be moved to create an illusion with a Blue Badger doll, and they led Edgeworth to the haunted house to drop off the money. However, Deacon betrayed Lance and tried to shoot him, causing Lance to shoot and kill Deacon out of self-defense. To cover up the murder, Lance attacked and knocked out Edgeworth with a sword while wearing the Proto Badger suit. He then dressed the unconscious Edgeworth as the Bad Badger and placed him in the kidnappers' hideout to make Paups believe that Deacon was still alive.

Another Proto Badger first appeared at theme park entrance, greeting Edgeworth and asking if he wanted a picture. The Proto Badger was disappointed when Edgeworth declined but told him to have a good day. Later on, when Edgeworth and Kay Faraday were investigating the kidnapping, they met a Proto Badger inside the kidnappers' hideout, who was strongly insinuated to be a bellboy Edgeworth had met before, due to his habit of speaking formally, bowing often, and trademark phrase "Ab-SO-lutely".


  • His name likely comes from "prototype", since his appearance is based on the Blue Badger's original design.
  • The "Blue Badger" may be a reference to the "The Blue Bomber", a nickname of the titular character from the Mega Man video game series. This theory is supported by the Proto Badger having a similar name to Proto Man, another character in the Mega Man series, though Proto Man's Japanese name is "Blues".