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The Gourd Lake public beach is the main public attraction of Gourd Lake. Visitors and vendors alike gather at the beach, including Larry Butz, whose then-girlfriend Kiyance convinced him to sell "Samurai Dogs" while wearing a Santa Claus suit before ditching him.


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The picture that started the Gourdy hoax.

In December 2016, Butz tried to fill up a huge Steel Samurai balloon with an air tank, but the valve blew and the tank, balloon included, shot into the air. The balloon then landed in the lake, creating a huge splash. A couple were getting their picture taken at the lakeside at the time, and the shape of the balloon in the background was taken to be the figure of some sort of monster. The photo became front-page news, sparking the legend of "Gourdy" and attracting Lotta Hart to the area, who hoped to photograph this strange cryptid.

The following day, when Phoenix Wright came to Gourd Lake to investigate the murder of Robert Hammond, the place was nearly deserted due to the police investigation except for Butz, who was still selling Samurai Dogs. Butz told them about Gourdy, and later on, Wright found Butz's air tank, prompting the latter to talk about his balloon misadventure. Wright put two and two together and then explained the whole hoax to Hart. Her dreams crushed, Hart told Wright about the witness who was being set up for Miles Edgeworth's murder trial.


The canonicity of this section is unclear, since the player doesn't have to take Missile.

Missile the police dog.

During Wright's search for the true identity of "Gourdy", he went to Dick Gumshoe for assistance. Since the defendant was Miles Edgeworth, Gumshoe was only too pleased to help. He offered three things for the pair to use: a metal detector, a fishing pole and Missile the police dog.

Taking Missile, Wright began to investigate Gourd Lake. Missile stayed quiet until they reached the Samurai Dog stand of Larry Butz, at which point the dog leaped into action. By the end of Missile's rampage, Butz's stand had been completely cleared of its hot dogs, whilst its distraught owner looked on. Wright decided to take Missile back to Gumshoe at this point. Although the fishing pole proved to be just as useless, the metal detector did provide a valuable clue to "Gourdy"'s true identity. The metal detector was also instrumental in proving Manfred von Karma to be the true villain of the DL-6 Incident.


Gourd Lake Public Beach (Decorated)

The public beach after being decorated by Larry Butz.

  • During Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey's investigation, they return to the public beach to find it decorated with Larry Butz's inflatable Steel Samurai balloon and bunting depicting several country flags. Said flags are (from left to right): the United States, Germany, Japan, Brazil, an unknown flag (light-blue, white, and red triband), Bangladesh, another unknown flag (orange, white, and orange triband with a circular design in the center), South Korea, China, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The two unknown flags do not appear to match any real-world counterparts, although the first one resembles an upside-down flag of Luxembourg and the other resembles the flag of India, albeit with the bottom stripe orange instead of green.