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Beh'leeb Inmee
He was a member of the secret police, serving directly under the minister of justice. [...] And this is what he said to me... "I can kill rebels with impunity. The justice minister has my back!"

Rheel Neh'mu, also known by his alias Puhray Zeh'lot, was a Khura'inese acolyte who was a guest of High Priest Tahrust Inmee and his wife Beh'leeb, at the same time that Maya Fey was living with them. He was found dead on the day Fey was put on trial for Tahrust's murder.

Government-sanctioned agent[]

Rheel Neh'mu was born and raised in Khura'in, becoming a monk in the Khura'inese clergy at a very early age. As is traditional in the country, he was given a tattoo to indicate that he was a monk on the back of his neck. Throughout most of his life, people saw him as nothing more than a devout monk who spent most of his time praying.

However, at some point Neh'mu became a government spy and member of the secret police working under Justice Minister Inga Karkhuul Khura'in. His job was to kill members of the Defiant Dragons or at least bring them to the police. He abandoned his former identity, changing his name to Puh'ray Zeh'lot and covering his clergy tattoo with one of a peach. Anybody who tried to look up information on him would be led to believe that he was an illegal immigrant.

Newspaper article about the rebel-hunting Lady Kee'ra

Tahrust Inmee found him collapsed in the mountains one day during a retreat. Believing that he was a homeless young man who had lost his memory, Tahrust took him into his home as an acolyte, unaware of his true identity as a rebel hunter. While carrying out his duties, Zeh'lot wore a Lady Kee'ra costume as a disguise, thereby causing many to believe that she had come back from the dead to protect the people of Khura'in from the Dragons. In reality, Neh'mu was a ruthless and cold-blooded killer who cared only about carrying out his orders.


Main article: The Rite of Turnabout

With Beh'leeb, Tahrust, and Fey during the Feast of Blessings

By 2028, Puhray Zeh'lot began to suspect Tahrust of being a rebel. He somehow learned of a plot by the Defiant Dragons to help Datz Are'bal escape from prison during the annual Purification Rite. He wrote a letter under Lady Kee'ra's name warning the abbot not to go through with the plan. Three days before the rite was to take place, he stuck the letter next to the Inmees' bed as they slept using an arrow of the type used by Kee'ra. One night, he caught two rebels while they were talking about Are'bal whose escape was successful.

What he saw before he died

On the day of the Feast of Blessings, Zeh'lot excused himself after eating under the pretense of going early to pray at the Plaza of Devotion. However, he actually instead went to the Inner Sanctum in order to investigate a rebel hideout that was supposedly hidden there. Finding the entrance to the hideout open, Zeh'lot went inside and was surprised to find Beh'leeb there, rather than her husband. Realizing that she was also a revolutionary, he revealed his true allegiances to her before moving to attack her. Before he could do so, Beh'leeb pushed a huge stone slab in the shape of a magatama onto him, with the heavy weight of the stone with the smell of gingihl forcing the spinal cord in his neck into a sword-like protrusion on the entrance's warbaa'd statue, killing him. The last thing he heard before dying was a theme song he believed to be from The Plumed Punisher: Warrior of Neo Twilight Realm.

Fatally impaled by the warbaa'd statue

After learning of Zeh'lot's fate and realizing his wife would be put to death for it, since it would be impossible to prove that it was self-defense, Tahrust took his body and placed it under a large pile of snow to cool it and throw off the time of death. He then set him up in a praying position at the Plaza of Devotion and stuck a ritual knife with Maya Fey's fingerprints into the wound on his back, knowing that no one would disturb a seemingly praying monk. Tahrust then committed an elaborate suicide during the Purification Rite in the hope that Fey would be charged with both deaths.

Fey was indeed put on trial for Tahrust's death, as well as Zeh'lot's once his body was discovered after the first trial day, but she was aided by her old friend and defense attorney, Phoenix Wright. Wright was eventually able to piece together what had happened during the second trial day, and Beh'leeb publicly confessed to killing Zeh'lot. The truth behind both deaths were thus made known to all, as were the crimes Neh'mu had committed in the name of the crown.



While described as a somewhat cordial and deeply religious person while alive, Neh'mu was actually a cruel member of the country's secret police who would hunt down rebels with impunity with the knowledge that he had the full protection of the law. Despite living with the Inmees for quite some time, he quickly turned on them once he learnt that they were rebels.

A very capable fighter, Neh'mu managed to overpower many highly-trained rebels, including Datz Are'bal, whom he promptly captured and sent to prison. While disguised as Lady Kee'ra, he used several warbaa'd weapons closely associated with her, with his skill and preferred equipment leading many to believe he was Lady Kee'ra reborn. However, despite possessing great martial skill, he was also rather arrogant and underestimated people, choosing to first reveal his true identity to Beh'leeb and brag to her about how he was above the law before attacking her. This mistake turned out to be his last, as it ended up costing him his life.


  • His Japanese alias comes from the verb "ogamu" (拝む), which means "to worship", and "mainichi" (毎日), which means "every day". This fits his apparent religious status, since his full name would therefore mean "worship every day".
  • His Japanese real name comes from "honmyō" (本名), which means "real name".
  • "Rheel Neh'mu", his English name, is a play on "real name".
  • The English given name for his alias, "Puhray", is likely a play on "pray", which fits with his apparent religious background. However, it is possible that his given name could also be a play on "prey", in reference to his real work of hunting down rebels.
  • "Zeh'lot", the family name he used for his alias, is a play on "zealot", which is a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals; this suits both his religious alias and his true role as a member of the secret police.
  • His full English alias could also be a play on "prays a lot" or "preys a lot".


  • Being 21 years old in their respective debut episodes, Juan Corrida and Puhray Zeh'lot are the youngest victims in the series.
    • Currently, Zeh'lot has the most recent birth date of any victim in the series.