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Rheel Neh'mu
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Rheel Neh'mu, also known by his alias, Puhray Zeh'lot, was a priest living with Tahrust and Beh'leeb Inmee, as well as Maya Fey. He was a victim in one of Phoenix Wright's cases.

Government-sanctioned criminal

In reality, Neh'mu was a government spy tasked with killing revolutionaries or getting them arrested, including the people that took him in: Tahrust and Beh'leeb Inmee. In his duties, he wore a Lady Kee'ra costume, causing rumors of her resurrection to protect the people of Khura'in from the Defiant Dragons, but in reality Neh'mu was a heartless killer who cared only about his orders.


Main article: The Rite of Turnabout

On the day before the Purification Rite, he followed Beh'leeb into the rebel hideout in the Inner Sanctum. Realizing that she was a revolutionary, he tried to attack her, despite her being akin to family to him. However, Beh'leeb, in self-defense, knocked down a stone magatama, which pushed him into the bird statue, killing him.

Tahrust then took his body and froze it under a large pile of snow to trick the time of death, and then set him up in a praying position and filled the wound in his back with the ritual's knife, knowing that no one would disturb him in this state.


While described as a somewhat cordial and deeply religious person while alive, his true nature is someone cruel and out to kill or frame innocent people, knowing he has the protection of the law.


  • His Japanese alias comes from the verb ogamu (拝む), which means "to worship" and mainichi (毎日), which means "every day." This fits his status as a monk, who would generally pray every day. His English alias more-or-less means the same thing.
  • His Japanese and English real name comes from honmyō (本名), which means "real name," and the phrase "real name," respectively, fitting how they are his real name.
  • His English alias may also be a reference to the word "zealot", meaning a fanatic who is implored to do immoral deeds by their belief in a cause, religion, or person. This is a reference to his role as an assassin of rebels, turning on the couple who trusted him the instant he realized they were insurrectionists against his government.
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