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I... I... I object... For objection's sake... Mr. Phoenix Wright! You... This theory... You believe it?

"Pursuit - Confront the Culprit" is a music track in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All. It is used throughout the game when pointing out contradictions in later sections of trial chapters, typically during the climax when submitting the final decisive evidence to end the trial, with "Phoenix Wright - Objection! 2002" being used earlier on. It is part of the recurring "Pursuit" tracks used throughout the Ace Attorney series, and can be considered one of Phoenix Wright's themes.

Like other "Pursuit" tracks, it has a variation version called "Pursuit - Confront the Culprit (Variation)" that sometimes plays after the initial submission of decisive evidence, often after a sudden turnaround from a seemingly hopeless situation.

Use outside trials[]

"Pursuit - Confront the Culprit" is used in Turnabout Big Top in one of the few instances in the core Ace Attorney series in which a Pursuit track is used outside of the courtroom. This instance is during a humorous scene in which Wright corners Money in Moe's room in order to get Regina Berry's stage costume back and "[takes] on [the] monkey, attorney-style!" The player is then given the three choices of: "Give it back, monkey-brain!", "Stay!", or "Ooo-oo-ooh! *scratch, scratch*".