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Zinc Lablanc.png This page concerns a music track from an Ace Attorney game that does not yet have an official English title. The title used is unofficially localized, but follows naming conventions used in official title track names.

Jacques Portsman
Th-That's just nonsense! You have no evidence that I made the girl open your door for me!
Miles Edgeworth
Oh, but I do. I have very decisive evidence!

"Pursuit - Wanting to Reach the Conclusion" is a music track in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, usually when Miles Edgeworth points out contradictions in later parts of an episode, with "Miles Edgeworth - Objection! 2009" used earlier on. It is part of the recurring "Pursuit" tracks used throughout the Ace Attorney series, and can be considered as one of Edgeworth's character themes.

Like other "Pursuit" tracks, it has a variation version, that sometimes plays after the initial submission of decisive evidence, often after a sudden turnaround from a seemingly hopeless situation.

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