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A pushcart was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murders of Manny Coachen and Ka-Shi Nou.

Coachen's murder[]

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In March 2019, the pushcart was used in the Steel Samurai stage show at the Cohdopian Embassy. At that time, Global Studios had filled it with boxes of Samurai Dogs. However, while it was in a backstage dressing room during a break, Quercus Alba and Manny Coachen confronted each other there. Alba killed Coachen and stored his body in the pushcart, removing the Samurai Dogs but forgetting about the Iron Infant doll inside. Afterwards, it was brought into the Allebahstian side of the embassy, where Alba added the blade of his knife to the pushcart. He then brought it to the pool of the rose garden, while his accomplice, Shih-na, waited on the Babahlese side of the pool in the open-air stage after setting fires in the building. The water from the pool was used to fight the fires, lowering the water levels and allowing Shih-na to walk across to the other side and retrieve the pushcart. She and the pushcart then floated back up to ground level as the fountain spouts replenished the water. She then moved the pushcart to the Babahlese secretariat's office, where she planted the body and the murder weapon's blade, attaching a different knife handle to it. However, a piece of the original handle had detached and was later found in the open-air stage.

Later, Edgeworth took note of the pushcart in the security footage given to him by Franziska von Karma. He later used it to suggest that Alba could have moved Coachen's body with the pushcart. Shortly afterwards, Dick Gumshoe brought the pushcart to the scene, allowing Edgeworth to prove that Coachen's body had been in it. Afterwards, he used it to place the real scene of the crime to be in the dressing room in the Theatrum Neutralis.

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