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Queen Victoria was the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom during Ryunosuke Naruhodo's time in the country.

Anglo-Japanese treaty[]

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In the midst of negotiations between the British and Japanese empires, a Japanese man named Genshin Asogi was arrested as the infamous serial killer known as "the Professor", responsible for killing five nobles in London. To avoid jeopardizing the negotiations and prevent a war between the two empires, it was decided that Asogi's trial would be conducted in absolute secrecy, which ultimately resulted in him being found guilty and executed.

Roughly ten years later, the Anglo-Japanese treaty was completed with the help of the new Japanese minister of Foreign Affairs, Seishiro Jigoku.

A plot revealed[]

Main article: The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo

When Prosecutor Barok van Zieks was arrested for killing Detective Tobias Gregson, it was decided that his trial should be held in secret. Van Zieks was known as the "Grim Reaper of the Old Bailey", owing to the majority of those who managed to escape his prosecution mysteriously dying after their trials; rumors were that it was the ghost of his late brother, Klint, meting out justice when his younger brother was unable to do so.

On the second day of the trial, Herlock Sholmes gave Queen Victoria a small stuffed toy, which hid a special invention that allowed her to watch the trial via holograms. The next day, Iris Wilson visited the Queen with some herbal tea, which the monarch greatly appreciated. The trial eventually revealed that Chief Justice Mael Stronghart had used Gregson and others to kill those who had escaped Barok, in the belief that this was the only way to control crime in London. It was also revealed that Stronghart had framed Asogi and blackmailed Klint, the true "Professor", into killing those who stood against him. Among Klint's victims was the previous Chief Justice, allowing Stronghart to replace him. Stronghart believed that the only way to counter the darkness of London was to commit such foul deeds, but the Queen disagreed. She therefore had Stronghart stripped of his position and ordered that he be tried in a future public trial.