Carnage Onred is the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Arebast and a witness of The Burning Turnabout who plays a large role in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.


For more than 10 years, Carnage Onred has served the country of Cordopia as its foreign ambassador to America. However, this was all a front to his true identity: the leader of an international criminal organization that specializes in counterfeiting and smuggling contraband.

10 years ago one of his employees went to the police with incriminating evidence against the embassy, and he ordered Manny Coachen to kill her. He did, but was soon after captured by the police. Manny was spared a conviction thanks to the efforts of Jouichirou Amanogawa, who had one of his men steal the important evidence. In the wake of the trial Carnage sent in one of his agents, Himiko Kazura, to pose as Yuuko's mourning sister and keep an eye on the related parties.

After that the prosecutor and detective he humiliated became even more dangerous, as they formed Yatagarasu, a group that was determined to expose Onred and his organization. Thankfully Kazura was able to position herself within the group. Onred allowed them to function all the while trusting Kazura to keep them from reaching their ultimate goal. However, three years later Faraday overstepped by breaking into the embassy itself, and in retaliation Onred ordered Kazura to take him out. She did so, but it was not enough to stop Yatagarasu from catching its prey in the end...


On the surface, Ambassador Onred appears to be a hunched, frail old man who is agreeable at times but throws a fit at times.

However, underneath that surface lies a cold, ruthless man who sees human lives as nothing more than pawns.


Most of the murderers in the game come from his syndicate including Portsman, Wakana Shiraoto, and Himiko Kazura.

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