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Quinby Altamont
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Quinby Altamont
"Gas is the hope which shall light up the approaching new world. Therefore it must be utilized correctly!"

Quinby Altamont was the wife of the Altamont Gas Company's president, Augustus Altamont. She was Juror No. 4 and a witness in Soseki Natsume's trial for the attempted murder of William Shamspeare.

Jury duty and testifying[]

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Upon hearing Adron B. Metermann saying that William Shamspeare's gas meter didn't have any coin despite it being depleted of gas, president Augustus Altamont's wife sent Metermann to question Shamspeare about whether or not he was stealing gas. Unfortunately, they couldn't find any evidence to confirm their suspicions.

As Juror No. 4.

Quinby Altamont was called as Juror No. 4 for the trial of Soseki Natsume for Shamspeare's attempted poisoning. She wanted the trial to end quickly because she had an executive meeting at 10 A.M. During the first closing argument, she revealed her identity as the gas company's president's wife and their investigation of Shamspeare's gas thefts. With the potential of being a gas thief in mind, Juror No. 1 changed his verdict. Juror No. 5 is the only male juror who didn't follow suit since he wanted to leave as soon as possible, so Altamont changed her vote instead. When Adron Metermann was going to testify about Shamspeare's potential gas thefts, Altamont decided to take the stand as a supervisor.

She revealed that the new gas meter the company developed measures the size, shape and thickness equally so that it would only take three pence coins. Ryunosuke Naruhodo figured out that Shamspeare is indeed a gas thief, he was making coins out of tea using soap and poked a hole in the meter to let the melted liquid out.

The next day, Altamont said William Shamspeare's death is sympathetically inevitable. During the second closing, she said gas cost money to go around town and keep it safe. She wouldn't stop talking about gas due to all the criticism it was getting. She also revealed that the company has its rival companies that don't even have their own gas, they secretly steal it from the Altamont Gas Company by connecting pipes to houses with their own contracts and profit. So the company has people ask the customers if they encountered any dishonest companies during the fee collecting. This makes Juror No. 3 remember the other night when he was visited by an employee. He revealed a tactic where the companies blow into the pipe upsetting Altamont, but the juror said everybody knew about that so it wasn't a secret. So she revealed if you blow hard into the end of a gas pipe, the low pressure will temporarily drop causing every connecting lamp to waver, therefore the company can tell whether or not the gas was stolen if a lamp in some other house flickers despite not having a contract with the same company. This helped Naruhodo realize that Shamspeare was doing that to Soseki Natsume and did it before to a previous lodger.


Quinby Altamont is hardworking, unironically, wearing a bee-striped outfit, mild-mannered to a point and mostly caring about gas and her company. When being a juror, she mostly stayed on topic until she started mentioning that William Shamspeare was trying to steal the gas without actually paying for it. She also wanted to be secretive about the company's information that was told by others or accidentally by her. When angry she threatened Shamspeare with lawsuits or with a hefty explosion.

She also made an effort to design a "Shamspeare Special" with an unbreakable lock, but that didn't work either. She is described as having the fire of a managing director's wife as when the technique that Shamspeare used had been revealed, she didn't believe it as she had been confident in the design of the gas meter. She also didn't like when people spoke negatively about the gas to the point that she told Naruhodo to defend against any argument, which she later praises him for.


  • "Altamont" is the alias of Sherlock Holmes from the Sherlock Holmes short story, His Last Bow.
  • Her first name, "Quinby", is a play on "queen bee". While it is only given in the English version, this likely references her bee-style clothing.
  • In the Japanese version, her husband, "Valve", is named after the device of the same name, as referencing his occupation as gas president.
  • Her husband's English name, Augustus, is derived from Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton. It may also be another reference to His Last Bow, where the story's timeframe, "August 1914", is notably used by the main antagonist as his safe's password.


  • Altamont and Metermann were designed as a pair. Their relationship reminded Kazuya Nuri of worker bees, so this was incorporated into both characters' designs. This is seen in Altamont's clothes, which make her resemble a queen bee.[1]