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"Quiz Turnabout Deduction" is downloadable content exclusive to the Japanese Nintendo 3DS version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies. It is an investigation-only episode where the player needs to find quiz questions hidden in various locations and answer them. Phoenix Wright's Nostalgic Sweater costume is a reward for completing this episode; as the English version does not include this episode, said costume is instead a reward for completing Turnabout Reclaimed.



Chapter Location Protagonist Investigative partners Number of quizzes
Prologue Wright Anything Agency Apollo Justice Trucy Wright 5
First Chapter Fox Chamber Phoenix Wright Pearl Fey 12
Space Museum Athena Cykes Juniper Woods 12
Juniper Woods & Apollo Justice 1
Middle Chapter Boarding Lounge Athena Cykes Pearl Fey 12
1F Hallway Phoenix Wright Apollo Justice 12
Lecture Hall Apollo Justice & Athena Cykes 1
End Chapter Yokai Lane Phoenix Wright Trucy Wright 12
Space Center entrance Apollo Justice Klavier Gavin 12
Defendant lobby Phoenix Wright & Athena Cykes 1