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Raiten Menimemo
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Raiten Menimemo
A reporter's weapon are their legs! Legs to fly them wherever, to catch scoops all over! ...This is the Mamemomism I live by.

Raiten Menimemo was a Japanese journalist working for Shoyu News. He was writing a story about the author Soseki Natsume at the time of Jezaille Brett's murder. When Rei Membami was put on trial for said crime, Menimemo was called as a witness.

Investigation of Brett[]

While working at Daikoku News, Raiten Menimemo began covering the murder of John Wilson by Jezaille Brett, both of whom were from the British Empire. He was outraged at the Japanese government's inability to punish Brett under its own laws due to the interference of the British Empire. Instead, she was due to be sent to trial at the British consul offices in Shanghai, China; although this was not scheduled to take place until nine months after her guilt had been uncovered. In the meantime, she was allowed to continue her research at Imperial Yumei University under supervision.

After much investigation and speculation, Menimemo came to the conclusion that some sort of shady deal was going on between members of the British and Japanese governments. Determined to bring about justice via his reporting of the scandal, he dug deeper, and uncovered an assassination plot involving two exchange students, as well as ties between one of them and Yujin Mikotoba.

Menimemo's justice[]

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Interviewing a professor[]

Newspaper article about Soseki Natsume and Yujin Mikotoba.

After the success of Soseki Natsume's first book, Menimemo began following the writer in order to write a story about him. During Natsume's visit to Imperial Yumei University, Menimemo took the opportunity to interview the author and Professor Yujin Mikotoba. After learning about a very potent poison being developed by Mikotoba's lab, the journalist decided to fill his empty fountain pen with some of the substance in order to sneak it out for a news story.

Interviewing Brett[]

Being insulted by Brett.

At that moment, Jezaille Brett entered the lab and declared that she wished to "gaze upon the sea of Japan with everyone", as she was soon due to be sent to Shanghai. The Japanese government allowed this, as long as Detective Satoru Hosonaga supervised her. Although Mikotoba was able to decline due to having work to do, Natsume and Rei Membami, one of the professor's students, joined Brett for the trip. Menimemo saw this as his opportunity to interview Brett about Wilson's murder, and so he also joined them. However, although he managed to confront her at a reed beach tent, she was very dismissive of him, referring to him as an caveman who was unable to distinguish between eavesdropping and real journalism. Menimemo was so angered by her attitude and clear lack of remorse for her actions that he slipped the poison he had in his pen into Brett's drink before leaving.

Menimemo's photo of the "crime scene".

Shortly after he had left, Membami burst into the tent to demand Brett give back the poison she had stolen, unaware that Menimemo was the true culprit. Listening behind the tent, Menimemo quickly learned from their conversation that the poison had very specific side effects that would make it obvious that it had been used and thereby possibly linking Brett's upcoming death back to him, since the poison was unavailable outside of the lab he had stolen it from. Realizing this, he pushed between the reeds the tent was made of and stabbed Brett with a knife, hoping that she would die before the poison took effect. When Membami went over to try and help Brett, Menimemo took a photo of the young woman attempting to remove the knife in order to pin Brett's murder on her, and anonymously sent it to the police. Membami was immediately arrested for the murder, since she was the only one in the tent at the time.

Membami's trial[]

During Membami's subsequent trial, Natsume was called as a witness. Menimemo initially just stayed behind the writer during his testimony, taking pictures whenever Natsume struck a pose. However, once Membami's attorney, "Ryutaro Naruhodo", revealed that the photo sent to the police had the same set of scratches in the corner that the photo used for the article about Natsume and Mikotoba had, Menimemo was called as a witness himself.

Once forced onto the witness stand, "Naruhodo" was eventually able to prove that Menimemo was the true killer of Brett, with the poison in his pen (which he had accidentally left at the crime scene) acting as the final proof; a special reagent was able to indicate that the pen had been used to house the poison. Defeated, Raiten Menimemo broke down on the stand, violently swinging his camera around his head while railing against the Japanese government before being incapacitated by Membami and "Naruhodo" using their so-called "Ryutaro Toss" on him.

Accepting his guilt, Menimemo lamented the events of the past nine months and began providing some details about the discoveries he had made regarding the government's handling of Jezaille Brett, although the presiding judge stopped him before he could continue and Menimemo was taken away by the court bailiff.

As he was being taken away, Menimemo overheard a discussion between "Naruhodo" and Mikotoba regarding the latter faking an illness to cause the former to return to Japan from the United Kingdom. He broke free of the men detaining him and rushed over to them, saying he knew the truth about the link between the "exchange student" and Professor Mikotoba. However, before he could elaborate further, the judge of the trial, Seishiro Jigoku, incapacitated him with a self-titled "Seishiro Sling". The bailiffs then resumed taking Menimemo away.

Susato Mikotoba later visited Menimemo at the detention center before embarking on her journey back to England. He told that her that the body of Kazuma Asogi, an exchange student who was meant to go to England but had been apparently killed during the voyage, had never been recovered; it was supposed to be handed over to the Japanese embassy in Hong Kong, but had mysteriously disappeared. It would later become apparent that Asogi actually survived his ordeal albeit with amnesia, and that he had merely left the scene of his own volition.



A very enthusiastic and energetic man, Raiten Menimemo took his work as a journalist very seriously, and was always looking for his next big news scoop. He followed his own personal philosophy that he referred to as "Menimemoism", which consisted of various mantras that he would use with little provocation. He also had the habit of frequently referring to himself in the third-person.

Menimemo was very much against Japan being submissive to the British Empire, which influenced his journalism to a great extent and led to his murder of Brett. He was also very dismissive of the modern system being used for Membami's trial.


  • Considering the storyline of The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney, his name had to share the same initial with Rei Membami, so Shu Takumi prepared a name "Mamemomi" full of "ma-gyou" (ma/mi/mu/me/mo) for him.[1]
  • His surname "Mamemomi" (豆籾) might come from "memoru", which is a Japanese-English fusion verb meaning "to write a memo". This is backed up by Menimemo using the term "Mamemomi-Memo" to refer to his notebook.
  • His full English name is a pun on "writing many memos", referencing his Japanese name.