Randst Magazine Issue #7 is the seventh downloadable episode for Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken. It takes place after The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro.

April 30Edit

12:20 PM

On Briar Road, Patrick O'Malley is enjoying his return as a police officer with his wife, Rola, thanks to Barok van Zieks. The couple begins to flirt with each other, they don't think van Zieks is a reaper at all, more like a bringer of good fortune. Patrick even found a shilling on the road which he plans to use to buy his wife a bouquet, Rola thinks he'll get rich someday. Unfortunately, the shilling seems to have vanished, Pat thinks Gina Lestrade stole it. Lestrade outright denies stealing it, the coin she's holding is hers and there's no proof that it was in Pat's pocket. But the policeman mentions its weight, making Lestrade worried. She demands Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Sherlock Holmes to help her. Iris Watson and the rest of them were watching the argument for ten minutes, it was tea time but Iris wanted to go for a walk. The O'Malleys assure that the coin is there's, Iris has a way to find the real owner since it was found on the street. Yesterday, she actually lost something on Briar Road when she was going to buy herbs, the allowance Holmes gave her. Lestrade says that since she lost it, it's no longer hers making Iris sad. Holmes reveals that coin had a history with Naruhodō, it was a coin from their poker match, Naruhodō lost miserably. All of his money was gone and he gritted his teeth a whole lot.

Iris then mentions a special ink she made to Holmes nervousness. It's invisible ink that can only be seen with special glasses. Holmes used to write on the cards, he was cheating! Naruhodō demands his money back due to the game not counting. Holmes agrees but Gina Lestrade and Patrick O'Malley still say it's their own. Lestrade demands proof so the O'Malleys say that the coin is covered in Pat's blood, sweat and tears. That's when Iris pulls out her spray gun that changes the color of blood. After seeing the blood color, Iris concludes that the blood belongs to Naruhodō. It's the one from the poker game, he got blood on it from his gums when gritting his teeth. Lestrade finally returns the coin much to Naruhodō's relief. Iris wants it now due to him saying he'll pay her back, reluctantly he gives it to her. This is because Naruhodō asked her to buy herb at the Lime Street market due to wanting to taste Susato Mikotoba's green tea taste better. Iris' fusion wasn't so good to Naruhodō but the others seem interested.

Holmes notes the coin went on quite an adventure. The six people tell it's adventure exactly how it happened. Lestrade concludes that the shilling belonged to Iris no matter what. Holmes suggests a poker rematch with a side of herbal tea, but Naruhodō decides to pass as he doesn't want to lose next month's allowance.

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