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This article is about a character in the Kodansha Comics manga. You may be looking for "Raymond Shields", the name given to Eddie Fender in the unofficial English fan patch for Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Gambit.

Raymond Spume was the leader of Sparkle Land's publicity team, where he played the role of SparkleStar (one of the park's mascots) during the SparkleStar Show. He was a witness in the trial of Julie Henson for the murder of Flip Chambers.


  • His Japanese surname, "Kasugai", may be a play on "kasu (かす; dregs/refuse/scum) guy", likely in reference to his unpleasant personality.[1]
  • "Raymond", his English given name, is meant to be in reference to the "ray of light" that is his character SparkleStar.[1]
  • His English surname "Spume" is a word used to refer to "the froth or foam of liquids (particularly sea water)", and was chosen due to it sounding similar to "scum", thereby referencing his Japanese name.[1]

"Pleeeeease! Expand meeeeee!"
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