This article is about a character in the Kodansha Comics manga. You may be looking for "Raymond Shields", the name given to Tateyuki Shigaraki in the unofficial English fan patch for Gyakuten Kenji 2.

Raymond Spume was the leader of Sparkle Land's publicity team, where he played the role of SparkleStar (one of the park's mascots) during the SparkleStar Show. He was a witness in the trial of Julie Henson for the murder of Flip Chambers.


  • His Japanese surname, "Kasugai", may be a play on "kasu (かす; dregs/refuse/scum) guy", likely in reference to his unpleasant personality.[1]
  • "Raymond", his English given name, is meant to be in reference to the "ray of light" that is his character SparkleStar.[1]
  • His English surname "Spume" is a word used to refer to "the froth or foam of liquids (particularly sea water)", and was chosen due to it sounding similar to "scum", thereby referencing his Japanese name.[1]

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