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"Reason" is the fourth opening theme of the anime adaptation of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. It is used in the second half of the second season, corresponding to the main story arc in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, and comprising the 11 episodes from "Turnabout Memories" to "Bridge to the Turnabout - Last Trial". The song is performed by Tomohisa Yamashita.


Japanese Romanization English

真実はstrongest, 不条理smash it
Yeah our heartが叫んでる

it's just for you

Breakin' it down
Finding the way
君のためにride or die

I'm thinking bout you bout you bout you
I'm searching for truth for truth for truth
理をwitness now witness
I'm thinking bout you bout you bout you

 Ano shounen, hadashi de kakedasu mirai e
Sekai wa buruu no sora to umi no aida
Shinjitsu wa strongest, fujouri smash it
Yeah our heart ga saken deru
Kurushii toki wa nakama no koe to kimi no yasashisa ga force

Itsu ka, itsuwari abaka rerunda
Itsu made mo uso wa tsukasenai
Itsumo hitotsu no kotae sagashite
Just for you

Breakin' it down
Shiro ga kuroku
Nuritsubusa reru mae ni
Finding the way
Unmei datte
Ara gatte
Kimi no tame ni ride or die

I'm thinking 'bout you, 'bout you, 'bout you
Kimi dake wo
I'm searching for truth, for truth, for truth
Shinjitsu wo
Kakushin wo tsuite
Itsuwari minuite
Kotowari wo witness, now witness
I'm thinking 'bout you, 'bout you, 'bout you

There's a boy, running barefoot towards the future
With the world and its blue sky and seas waiting
Truth is the strongest, contradictions are smashed
Yeah, we're screaming from our heart
In hard times, a friend's kind voice gives me force

One day, the lies will be uncovered
Falseness will not last forever
I'm always looking for the answer
It's just for you

Breaking it down
Black and white will be the same
By the time we reach the last drop
We're finding the way
And even if the odds
Are against you
Our only choice is to ride or die

I'm thinking 'bout you, 'bout you, 'bout you
And only you
I'm searching for the truth, the truth, the truth
For the truth
We will get to the bottom
Of every single slander
That comes from every witness, now witness
I'm thinking 'bout you, 'bout you, 'bout you

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