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A department store receipt discovered by Phoenix Wright at Fey & Co. Law Offices during his investigation of Mia Fey's murder. "Maya" is written on the back in Mia Fey's blood.

Role as evidence[]

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After buying a glass light stand for her office from a department store on Sep. 4, 2016, Mia Fey was given a receipt which she also brought back to the office.

The following evening, Redd White, whom Fey was investigating for his career as a blackmailer, murdered her in her own office, breaking the glass light stand in the process. Having been wiretapping the office, White knew that Mia had a younger sister called Maya, who was soon due to visit her, and so wrote "Maya" in Mia's blood in an attempt to implicate her.

Mia's protege, Phoenix Wright, arrived at the office to find Maya grieving over her sister's body. Further investigation of the crime scene turned up the receipt, which Wright added to his court record. When Detective Dick Gumshoe arrived and saw the bloody message on the receipt, he immediately had Maya arrested.

During Maya's subsequent trial, for which Wright took on as her defense attorney, Gumshoe asserted that the bloody message was "hard evidence" that Maya was the killer. However, Wright objected to this by pointing out that the autopsy report he had been given stated that she had died instantly, and thus could not have written the message. Unfortunately, the presiding prosecutor for the case, Miles Edgeworth, revealed that said report was out-of-date, and that the new version asserted that she may have lived for a few minutes after behind fatally attacked.

After Wright was accused of Mia's murder via White's manipulation of the legal system, the defense attorney tried to corner White on the witness stand, but was unable to find any contradictions. Luckily for Wright, Maya was able to channel Mia, who told Wright to look at the receipt itself, rather than the bloody message. Wright was then able to show the court that, since it had been bought the day before the murder, White could not have known about the glass light stand that was now nothing but shards of glass unless he had visited Mia's office recently, thereby allowing him to prove White was the true culprit behind her murder.