Apollo Justice
That's an odd guitar. The design is that character I saw in the hallway, but with sunglasses. What a strange mascot. He looks like he's crying. Since when was rock about crying? ...They should name this guy "Emo".

The AA-400 "Red Badger" is a guitar used by the Gavinners, designed to look like an alternate version of the Blue Badger and his relatives. Since the Blue Badger is a creation of the police department, the reference is a part of the overall themes of law enforcement and civic duty that the band has. The Red Badger contrasts with the other Badgers in that it is crying, wears triangular sunglasses (as opposed to the Bad Badger's round ones), only has two antennae (compared to the normal three), and is red rather than sky blue (or pink). The Red Badger has only been seen in guitar form, and is not among the Badger-costumed entertainers at Gatewater Land, though it was used in a Gavinners concert in the theme park's stadium. The Red Badger design on the guitar is apparently rather popular with aspiring guitarists, who paint their own guitars to look like it.

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