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Redd White
The police ... the courts ... to me, they are mere toys. Playthings for my amusement!

Redd White was the chief executive officer of Bluecorp. He used the company to gather scandalous information of various big-name individuals including celebrities, people in finance, and even high-ranking officials in the prosecutor's office. He then blackmailed the individuals into doing his bidding, many of whom would eventually be driven to suicide.

Involvement in the DL-6 IncidentEdit

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White's Bluecorp office.

In 2001, Redd White learned about a spirit medium secretly being used by the police for investigating the Gregory Edgeworth murder case, otherwise known as the DL-6 Incident. He learned this from Marvin Grossberg and leaked the information to the press, prompting the medium to leave Kurain Village in disgrace and the police to search furiously for the one who leaked the information. White came back to Grossberg and began to blackmail him in exchange for not revealing to the police that it was he who had humiliated them.

Murder of Mia FeyEdit

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Redd White
Ho hoh. My dear Miss Fey... I am so very sorry. But I am afraid I must ask you for one more thing. Your eternal silence... Farewell, Miss Fey.

Murdering Mia Fey.

Fifteen years later, White and his secretary April May began to keep tabs on Mia Fey, Misty's older daughter and a talented defense attorney. She had spent most of her life gathering evidence to take him down, and she had just had a phone conversation with her younger sister Maya Fey, telling her to hold on to evidence that was stored in a clock shaped like The Thinker.

A little before 9:00 on the night of September 5th, White came into Mia's office to take the evidence and destroy it. To make sure Mia stayed quiet about his business practices, he grabbed the clock from Mia's desk and smashed it into her skull, killing her almost immediately. He wrote the name "Maya" with Mia's blood to pin the blame on Maya, who arrived shortly after White escaped. To guarantee the success of his plan further, he had April May call the police and testify that she saw Maya kill Mia.

The defense attorney of the subsequent trial was Mia's protege, Phoenix Wright, who had been forced to take the place of Grossberg after the veteran lawyer had been unable due to White's influence. During his investigation, Wright found that White had checked into Gatewater Hotel with May. Wright confronted White in his office. Through some investigation of the room and his conversation with White, Wright realized that White was blackmailing Grossberg into staying out of the trial, and that he was the killer. White called the public prosecutor's office and told them to send the police to arrest Wright. White would testify not against Maya but against Wright.

However, neither White nor prosecutor Miles Edgeworth could overcome the persistence of Wright, who demonstrated that White was the killer. Edgeworth demanded one more day to investigate, but Mia, who Maya was channeling, gave Wright a list of the people White had blackmailed, which forced the CEO of Bluecorp to admit his crime.

Almost three years after White's arrest, his desk was found among the items in the hidden storage room on the 51st floor of Grand Tower.


Redd White
Splendiferous. Perhaps I have intimidated you with my giantesque vocabulary...?
Redd White Mugshot


White had an arrogant, flamboyant, self-centered and abrasive personality. He tended to view others as beneath him and was extremely egocentric, naming his company after his favorite color and modeling various statues in his office in his own image. White's suit was studded with diamonds and he wore a ring on each finger in order to show off the wealth he had "earned". He considered himself above the law, as his blackmailing allowed control over the police, lawyers, and judges. He also had no problem with using allies as scapegoats, as shown by his treatment of April May after the wiretapping was uncovered. White appeared to be a quite violent man (even without taking his murder of Mia into account), as he punched Wright just to demonstrate his immunity to the law.

White seemed to think himself highly educated with a wide vocabulary, but in fact he misused a great deal of the words he used, going out of his way to make his language seem as flamboyant as possible. His speech also contained a scattering of misused Spanish phrases, as well as several other neologisms he made up himself to seem more verbose; he would mock other people as less educated than himself if they did not know said "words".


  • The three kanji of his Japanese name mean "small" (小), "medium" (中) and "large" (大).
  • White's name, combined with the name of his company, reference the colors of the US flag. Though many other flags are red, white and blue, the probable intent of the English localized name is to reference the American flag. Incidentally, if the colors in his name are mixed they make pink, the same color as his suit.
  • He states at one point that he is known as "Blanco Nino" to his friends. "Blanco" means "white" or "blank" while "Niño" means "boy" in Spanish. Since adjectives are commonly placed after nouns in Spanish, this should really be "Niño Blanco". However, this may have been done intentionally in following with White's misused vocabulary.
  • Coincidentally, White's name fits with the detail of Godot's inability to see the color red on a white background. White was the murderer of Mia Fey, whom Godot was close to before her death. Godot "couldn't see" the death of his colleague coming nor could he "see" the person actually responsible for her death, instead shifting the blame to Phoenix Wright.


  • Originally, Turnabout Sisters was going to be the first case in the game. Shu Takumi wanted the first villain to be tough, so the character designers gave White broad, intimidating shoulders and a position of power in the law world.
  • Redd White and April May's names were chosen together. They were some of the first characters created and they set the standard for all the witnesses that would follow them, both in terms of eccentricity and pun-based names.
  • Both April May and Redd White accused individuals whose surnames rhyme with their own; April May accused Maya Fey and Redd White accused Phoenix Wright.
  • In the Japanese and Spanish versions of Turnabout Sisters, White instead peppers his speech with misused English phrases. This misuse of English apparently comes from the fact that he spent some time living in America.
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