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Regent is the Berry Big Circus's resident tiger. He works alongside Regina Berry, the circus's animal tamer, performing tricks such as jumping through a ring of fire. Regent also used to perform with Léon the lion, until an incident that put a performer in a coma and put another in a wheelchair lead to the big cat being put down by Russell Berry, the ringmaster.

The ringmaster's murder[]

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Regina Berry with Regent.

When the ringmaster was murdered, Phoenix Wright came to the circus to investigate in order to clear his client. Wright entered the circus's Big Top while Regent was practicing with Regina. Regent leaped at the defense attorney wanting to play. Unfortunately, this appeared to be more of an attack by a rogue tiger to Wright and his assistant Maya Fey, until Regina called off the big cat. She then told the pair they were "lucky" to have the chance to play with a real tiger and, owing to the girl's almost supernatural ability to persuade people with her cuteness, Wright was forced to agree.

Performing at the prison[]

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During a performance.

Two years later, Regent would perform with Astique, the Berry Big Circus' female elephant, at the local prison. The performance even had a plot of sorts; a love story about the forbidden love between a tiger and an elephant, with the addition of a villainous monkey to create a love triangle. Since the circus's actual monkey was too small, Regina's assistant played the role instead.


  • "Rateau" (ラトー) is the Japanese word for "tiger" ("tora") backwards.
  • A "Regent" is someone who rules in place of a monarch because said monarch is a minor, not present, or debilitated; Regent could be said to be Léon's regent, although the lion is permanently retired. The name may have been chosen due to its similarity to Regina's name (Regina meaning "queen" or "princess" in Latin).
  • His French name "Kishik" is phonetically similar to "qui chique" ("who bites"; "chiquer" is French slang for "to bite").