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Rei Membami was a Japanese student at Imperial Yumei University and a friend of Susato Mikotoba. After Membami was accused of murdering the British exchange student Jezaille Brett, Mikotoba disguised herself as a man and acted as Membami's defense attorney under the alias of "Ryutaro Naruhodo", "cousin" of Ryunosuke Naruhodo.

Accused of murder[]

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Rei Membami studied in the medical department at Imperial Yumei University, with one of her teachers being the visiting British doctor John Wilson. She became close friends with Susato Mikotoba and became the assistant of her father, Yujin. After Dr. Wilson was killed by the British exchange student Jezaille Brett, the British government told Japan to send her to Shanghai, China so she could stand trial in the consular courts within nine months. The day before this was to happen, Membami noticed a poison missing from the lab. Brett then requested that she could spend her last moments in Japan on one of its beaches. Detective Satoru Hosonaga, author Soseki Natsume, and journalist Raiten Menimemo joined the Englishwoman on her trip, with the detective being assisted to watch her. Suspicious of Brett's intentions, Membami decided to go along as well.

Membami trying to pull the knife out of Brett.

While at the beach, Membami walked into the reed changing hut Brett was in and accused her of stealing the poison, only for the woman to collapse with a knife in her. Membami tried to pull the knife out of Brett's body to save her, only for Hosonaga and Natsume to come across the scene and assume that she was responsible.

Accused of the murder, Membami could find no-one willing to defend her in court. This forced Susato to disguise herself as a man, as it was forbidden at the time for women to be in court, and act as her defense attorney. Menimemo tried to frame Membami for Brett's murder, including giving a photograph of Membami holding the knife to prosecutor Taketsuchi Auchi. However, Susato was able to deduce that Menimemo had stabbed Brett through the hut wall, thereby clearing Membami's name, who joined her in performing a "Ryutaro Toss" martial art move on Menimemo.

At the defense bench[]

Several months later, Rei stood in court at the defense's bench, alongside Soseki Natsume, to defend Satoru Hosonaga against charges of infiltrating the office of Seishiro Jigoku. This was to Hosonaga's dismay, who wished he had requested a proper attorney.


Membami is a good person with decent intentions. Although she housed a deep anger for Jezaille Brett for murdering the professor she admired, and accused her of stealing the poison from Yumei, Membami still attempted to save Jezaille's life when the Englishwoman suddenly collapsed in front of her.

A relatively shy young woman, she has a soft spot for gallant men. She was attracted to "Ryutaro Naruhodo", the "gallant" young defense attorney who came to her aid, even after Susato revealed that it was her in disguise, which somewhat disturbed Susato. She was sad when she had to "say goodbye" to "Ryutaro", after Susato had finished her defence. Membami is very close to Susato, and the two have a very loyal and trusting friendship. Membami had to struggle to not break into tears often over her best friend's displays of loyalty and affection towards her. She shares Susato's skills in martial arts.


  • Her Japanese surname "Murasame" (村雨) is derived from the Japanese term for a "passing shower".
  • Her Japanese given name Haori (葉織) refers to the Japanese clothing of the same name.
  • Her full English name is a play on "remember me".


  • Membami initially didn't exist in Shu Takumi's planned scenario for The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney. In fact, the defendant was originally going to be Yujin, with the story centered around Susato defending her father. However, Kazuya Nuri pointed out that if Susato and Membami were friends, it would parallels the relationship between Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Kazuma Asogi, thereby providing more character depth to Susato.[1]
  • Nuri designed Membami to be someone who has always admired and adored Susato.[1]
  • One candidate for Menimemo's Japanese name, "Munagura", was originally a candidate for Membami's Japanese surname. Her name was originally "Munagura Tsumami", derived from "tsumamu" (摘む (つまむ ); "to pick up") and munagura (胸ぐら' (むなぐら); "collar, lapel"), in reference to her proficiency in martial arts.[1]