Apollo Justice
I can't even imagine how terrible it must have been for you. But despite that... you are willing to try again. I have faith in that conviction... that courage.

"Reminiscences - Each of Their Feelings" is a Reminiscences-style track from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice which plays during every episode in the game set in the United States, as well as during one pivotal moment in Khura'in. It features a piano as its main instrument.

The track first plays when Bonny de Famme speaks out in Trucy Wright's defense during The Magical Turnabout. It later plays in Turnabout Storyteller when Geiru Toneido confesses to the murder of Taifu Toneido. During the final episode, Turnabout Revolution, the track plays when Armie Buff recalls the fire in which she lost her mother, and later when she blames herself for her father's death in court. Finally, it plays in Khura'in during the second half of the same episode, when Rayfa Padma Khura'in stands up to Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in.

During the special episode, Turnabout Time Traveler, the track plays several times when the car accident in which Selena Sprocket died is mentioned. It also plays at the end of the episode when the killer confesses to the murder of Dumas Gloomsbury.

This track therefore plays in more episodes, four in total, than any other Reminiscences track in the Ace Attorney series to date.

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