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Mimi Miney
That was... no accident... I was drugged... with sleeping pills... I was murdered... by that person... That's why... I took... my revenge... It's only fair... Isn't it... ...Ini?

"Reminiscences - Fire-Licked Scars" is a music track in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All associated with the accident that gravely-injured Mimi Miney and killed her sister Ini Miney in Reunion, and Turnabout. It is part of the recurring "Reminiscences" tracks used throughout the Ace Attorney series.


Mimi's Crash

Mimi escaping the crash.

The track first plays during the case's prologue, when Ini and Mimi Miney's car crash is shown taking place. After the crash, a short speech about the accident and revenge is given while an unknown figure (later revealed to be Mimi) sits on the ground away from the burning wreckage of the car. The music continues to play whilst Maya Fey and Phoenix Wright are in the detention center talking about the murder, with Wright trying to console Maya, who believes her own guilt; Fey is in denial of her innocence and her friend is trying to make her think otherwise.


The theme also plays at certain points during the episode when Wright and Pearl Fey discuss the car accident and when "Ini" (actually Mimi after reconstructive surgery) talks about why she thought Turner Grey was the cause of "Mimi's" death. "Ini" would often repeat the short speech from the prologue as if she knew it by heart.

Mimi's confession[]

Mimi Miney Revealed

Mimi revealing her secret.

The theme plays for the final time at the very end of the case. Wright and Mia Fey discover Mimi's secret, who reveals that Ini was the one who died in the crash. This was a secret that she was going to take to her grave, so she could forget Mimi and her old life and continue her new life as Ini instead. She explained why she had taken on her identity, to try to relieve herself of the painful memories caused by the malpractice incident at the Grey Surgical Clinic and Ini's death. She decided that all she had to do was pretend she died that night, and taking Ini's name and face was the only way to try to start afresh.