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"Reminiscences - Sympathy for the Sinner, but Not the Sin" is a Reminiscences-style track that plays in The Adventure of the Great Departure, The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro, and The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story. It first plays when Iyesa Nosa recalls how he is paid little to nothing to support his family, and reveals he steals from the rich customers of La Carneval. It later plays when Roly Beate admits to tampering with the crime scene. It plays one last time when Ryunosuke Naruhodo tells Iris Wilson about Herlock Sholmes having been shot, and the unlikelihood that he'd survive the shooting.

It later plays during The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney, when Raiten Menimemo confesses to Jezaille Brett's murder, and when recounting the murder of John Wilson.

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