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And the worst possible news was waiting for me... ...Mia Fey was dead. From the very moment I opened my eyes... I had already lost everything I thought I had. The woman I loved had been murdered... And the woman I loathed had been sentenced to death. [...] The woman who had spiked my scalding hot coffee... Dahlia Hawthorne! Ha...! Good ol' Mia. She didn't let me down. She got her revenge before she checked out. In the end... There wasn't anyone waiting for me when I woke up.

"Reminiscences - The Bitterness of Truth" is a music track in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations associated with Godot, and plays in Bridge to the Turnabout and the anime adaptation episode "Bridge to the Turnabout - Last Trial" while he reminisces about his former life as Diego Armando and all of the tragic events that led up to his new identity as Godot, including Mia Fey's death while he was in a poison-induced coma. It is part of the recurring "Reminiscences" tracks used throughout the Ace Attorney series.

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