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Terry Fawles
5 years ago. I dream of it. Every day. This picture. It reminds me everything. Bridge looks same. Just like then... 5 years ago... Like it could fall apart... Fall apart any minute...

"Reminiscences - The View from Dusky Bridge" is a music track in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations associated with the staged kidnapping carried out by Dahlia Hawthorne, Valerie Hawthorne, and Terry Fawles. It is part of the recurring "Reminiscences" tracks used throughout the Ace Attorney series.

It first plays in Turnabout Beginnings when Fawles recalls said incident, and reappears at the end of his trial when he commits suicide. It also features in Bridge to the Turnabout when Iris tells Phoenix Wright about the staged kidnapping and when she reveals that she and Dahlia are twin sisters.

The track also plays in the anime episode "Bridge to the Turnabout - Last Trial" during Godot's monologue when he reminisces about his former life as Diego Armando and all of the tragic events that led up to his new identity as Godot, including Mia Fey's death while he was in a poison-induced coma. Unlike other instances of the game trilogy's music, the track is unchanged from the original.

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