Reminiscence is the title of several background songs in the Ace Attorney series.


Phoenix Wright arc

Reminiscence ~ True Evening of Grief

Plays only in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney when Phoenix Wright go back to Maya Fey to tell her that Marvin Grossberg refused her case. Plays again when Maya thinks she is useless after Manfred von Karma zaps her and Phoenix with a stun gun.

Reminiscence ~ Light and Shadow at the Film Studio

Plays in the first when Wendy Oldbag reveals the accident from five years ago that made Jack Hammer fall from grace and when Dee Vasquez confesses to the murder.

It plays in the second game after Phoenix deduces that the murder weapon is under the real perpetrator's wheelchair.

Reminiscence ~ The DL6 Incident

Plays several times in Turnabout Goodbyes and some other cases while characters in the games remember that case, 15 years ago.

Reminiscence ~ Classroom Trial

Plays when Phoenix recollects that time when he was put on trial for stealing Miles Edgeworth's lunch money. The time when he, Edgeworth, and Larry Butz became best friends.

Plays in Reunion, and Turnabout when Phoenix insists that he defend Maya. Plays once more in 2-4 when discussing Adrian Andrews' suicide attempt with Edgeworth.

Reminiscence ~ The SL9 Incident

Plays several times in Rise from the Ashes when characters involved in the Darke Killings two years prior to the episode, and whenever Ema Skye talks about how much her older sister has changed.

Reminiscence ~ The Fire Carves Scars

Plays in Reunion, and Turnabout when the car accident from a year ago is reminisced. Also plays when Ini Miney confesses to being Mimi Miney at the end of the trial.

Reminiscence ~ True Pain

Plays in Turnabout Big Top to recollect an accident that happened at the Berry Big Circus, the same time Case 2-2 occurred.

Reminiscence ~ Steel Samurai's Ballad

Plays when Adrian Andrews tells Phoenix and Pearl about her late mentor, Celeste Inpax and her love life with Matt Engarde and Juan Corrida. This also plays if you get the bad ending if you present the wrong evidence in the final case.

This song also plays in 3-2 when Adrian apologizes for hiding the fact that she broke the Sacred Urn. For that reason, it is widely considered to be Adrian's theme having played in two different games, both of which she was present.

Reminiscence ~ What the Others Have Seen

Plays when Viola Cadaverini tells Phoenix and Maya about the car accident she had Furio Tigre four months prior to Case 3-3. Also plays in Case 3-5, when Larry show up after the trial, crying about how useless he feels.

Reminiscence ~ Shadow on the Bridge

Plays in Case 3-4, when Terry Fawles remembers the fake kidnapping he was involved in, along with Dahlia Hawthorne, and her stepsister Valerie. Plays again when Terry dies on the stand.

Reminiscence ~ The Bitter Taste of Truth

Plays in Case 3-5, when Godot reminisces about everything that's happened to him when he was Diego Armando. The poisoning, Mia's death, Maya's incident at Kurain Village, etc.

Apollo Justice arc

Reminiscence ~ A Hurt Fox

Plays in Case 2, when Alita Tiala confesses to the murder. The title also goes back to when Wocky Kitaki was shot in the heart, and when Pal Meraktis couldn't possibly remove it.

Reminiscence ~ A Fate Smeared by Tricks and Gadgets

Plays whenever the tragic past of Troupe Gramarye is mentioned throughout the game. Particularly, the incident with Thalassa Gramarye and the reasons surrounding Magnifi Gramarye's death. Also plays in the bad ending, if you choose "Guilty."

Reminiscence ~ The Forgotten Legend

Plays when everyone recollects back to Phoenix Wright's final trial seven years ago. Plays in the real ending, when Vera Misham is found innocent in the poisoning of her father.

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