Reminiscence ~ Classroom Trial - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney OST

Reminiscence ~ Classroom Trial - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney OST

"Reminiscing ~ The Class Trial" is a Reminiscing-style music track that first plays in Turnabout Goodbyes when Phoenix Wright recollects his class trial in the fourth grade, in which he was accused of stealing Miles Edgeworth's lunch money.

It also plays in Reunion, and Turnabout when Wright insists that Maya Fey allow him to defend her, and again in Farewell, My Turnabout when Adrian Andrews' suicide attempt is discussed with Edgeworth.

Appears on the Gyakuten Saiban: Yomigaeru Gyakuten Original Soundtrack, Gyakuten Saiban 1 and 2 Original Soundtrack, and Gyakuten Saiban Sound BOX albums as track 24 on the first disc.


The track is strikingly similar to the "Confession" track used by the character Captain Blue in Viewtiful Joe, another game published by Capcom.

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