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A repair bill was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Glen Elg.

After a car accident involving Furio Tigre and Viola Cadaverini, Viola's grandfather Bruto forced Tigre to pay the bills for her surgery as well as a repair bill for her car.

While Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey went to Tender Lender, they found this bill inside a bookshelf. After gathering other evidence and speaking to Viola Cadaverini, they left to research more about the case. Since Wright noted Viola had Psyche-Locks when she spoke about Furio Tigre caring for her, he came back to Tender Lender to interrogate her and used the letter to prove that Tigre had only paid her bills out of fear of her grandfather. She admitted the truth about Tigre and gave Wright her medical papers. Wright tore up the repair bill after getting this piece of evidence.

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