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You may be looking for the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All episode Reunion, and Turnabout.

Luke Triton
Ah... I've got it! You mean puzzles, don't you, Professor?
Maya Fey
Hershel Layton
Yes, puzzles dropped from the main game... Ahem... I mean, specially prepared for our further enjoyment.

"Episode 1: Reunion" is the first special episode for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is set one year after the events of the main game, and follows a meet-up between Hershel Layton, Luke Triton, Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, and Espella Cantabella at Layton's office.

Layton's office[]

Phoenix Wright went on another exchange to London courtesy of the Legal League of Attorneys. He made a visit to Professor Hershel Layton's office, and told Layton and Luke Triton that Maya Fey was checking out the fish and chips and would be arriving shortly. She did so while the three were having tea. She had brought a takeout from each place that she had visited.

The four were having another cup of tea when they heard a knock at the door. Outside was a young woman, dressed in a red robe and holding a large book. She explained that she had been asked to give Layton a letter from his former student, Carmine Accidenti:

Carmine Accidenti
Dear Professor,

It has been a long time. There is so much I would like to tell you, but at present I do not have the time. I am currently lying in a hospital bed.

It all happened two months ago. I had just received a new assignment and set off towards town, when suddenly, I was hit by an oncoming car that crossed into my lane without warning. This evening, I tried to sneak out of the hospital, but before I could, they found me. I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to make it to yours tonight after all.

Alas, the lights in the ward have been turned off already... As such, I am forced to leave you with the only words appropriate for such a situation. ...Goodnight, Professor.

Your faithful student, Carmine Accidenti

After the re-enactment of the first meeting with Espella Cantabella, the five celebrated her arrival with another cup of tea. Patty Eclaire and Zacharias Barnham had also been invited, but they could not take the time off. The five then had yet another cup of tea while Cantabella solved a puzzle. They then had the fish and chips that Fey had brought. In the end, they determined that they had 17 cups of tea in total. Fey quipped that perhaps Layton had a rule along the lines of "I never drink more than 17 cups of tea during any given puzzle." Wright then advised her against using such a reference.

Special gallery quotes[]

Main Characters[]

"Hello! I'm Kazuya Nuri from Capcom, character designer and art director! I'm proud to present some of the art designs from this game!"

PL-style Phoenix[]

"Nick and Maya drawn in the Layton style! At first we were considering changing the looks of characters when they visit the other game's universe.

AA-style Layton[]

"And here we have... an Ace Attorney Layton! There was a long process of trial and error before we got to that first design. Why did we draw that toy Layton? Well, that's a mystery!"