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Reunion, and Turnabout

Maya Fey
It's hopeless! If you defend me, you'll lose, I'm sure...

Episode 2: Reunion, and Turnabout is the second episode in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All. Chronologically taking place before The Lost Turnabout, this episode follows Phoenix Wright as he accompanies Doctor Turner Grey to Kurain Village, where Maya Fey went to resume her spiritual training after the events of Turnabout Goodbyes. Grey seeks to have Maya channel a former employee of his who apparently died in a car crash, to get her to admit her responsibility in an incident that damaged Grey's clinic's publicity. The channeling session ends in a locked-room murder case with Maya arrested as the suspect. To make matters worse, the prosecutor in charge is the young prodigy Franziska von Karma, who seeks to defeat Wright for the purposes of "revenge." The case explores the politics of the Fey clan, particularly a sinister plan revolving around Maya's mysterious cousin, Pearl. This episode also introduces the magatama and Psyche-Locks as a way to probe into uncooperative individuals during investigations.


A red sports car is seen driving along the highway with a monologue accompanying the scene.

Mimi's Car
That was... no accident... I was drugged... with sleeping pills... I was murdered... by that person...

The sound of a crash is then heard and the car is shown crashed into a wall and on fire. A girl is sitting on the road facing the car. Her face cannot be seen.

That's why... I took... my revenge... It's only fair... Isn't it... ... Ini?
Nick and Maya Detention

The scene then moves to Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey at the detention center. Maya Fey had been arrested for a murder and she lamented that this had happened after she had finally gotten the chance to see Wright again. Wright was in disbelief but he believed that whatever had happened was not Maya's fault.

June 16[]


The Grey Surgical Clinic malpractice incident.

Dr. Turner Grey, a surgeon, visited the Wright & Co. Law Offices. Showing Wright a newspaper article, he talked about a malpractice incident that had happened a year earlier. Fourteen patients had died due to mixed up medications and the blame had been placed on a young nurse, but before any further action could be taken, she had died in a car accident and rumors had spread that Grey had been behind this mysterious event. To this day, his clinic still had problems in attracting patients. Grey wanted to hire Maya Fey to channel the nurse and she had agreed on the condition that she could see Wright again first. It had been a while since they had seen each other and so Wright said that he would travel with Grey to Fey's hometown, Kurain Village.

June 19[]

At the village, Wright met a young girl, but before he had a chance to talk to her, she ran away. Maya Fey then appeared and the two had a happy reunion. After discussing Grey and the channeling he requested that Maya talk about her aunt Morgan Fey and her cousin Pearl Fey, the young girl that Wright had met earlier. Maya then left to get ready for the channeling and Wright entered Fey Manor, whereupon he met Grey again and introduced himself to Morgan Fey, Maya's aunt. Wright learned that Morgan was a member of a Fey branch family, whereas Maya was (apparently) the only living heir to the main family. After excusing himself, Wright went for a further look around the grounds, noticing a sleeping person in the Side Room before running into a familiar face, Lotta Hart. Apparently, she had given up her old career and was now on a visit to Kurain Village as part of her new career as a paranormal investigator.


Maya begins the channeling.

Maya and Grey then entered the Channeling Chamber. Maya locked the door with a special key and the channeling began. Although they were both curious, Wright and Hart were resigned to waiting outside with Morgan, as Kurain tradition dictated that only the channeler and the requester were permitted to occupy the room. All of a sudden, two gunshots rang out from within the room. Concerned for Maya's safety, Wright broke down the door.

The scene that greeted them was far from pleasant. Grey was lying face down in a pool of his own blood and Maya's robes were covered in blood. It appeared that the spirit that Maya had channeled had murdered Grey in revenge for her own death. Hart immediately started to take photos but Morgan interjected and urgently asked both Hart and Wright to leave and to call the police.

Wright did as Morgan had asked and Detective Gumshoe arrived a little while later. Morgan had removed the spirit from Maya's body by then and so the police entered the channeling room to examine the evidence. Wright decided to take this time to investigate the rest of the manor. Entering the side room, he met the occupant who he had previously found sleeping. She introduced herself as Ini Miney. She appeared extremely ditzy and apparently had no knowledge of the murder, having slept through the entire ordeal. She claimed not to know Grey but Wright could feel that she was not telling the truth.

Returning to the channeling chamber, Wright met Pearl again but, similarly to before, she left before he could get a chance to talk with her, although she was holding a familiar key in her hand. Inside the channeling chamber, Gumshoe informed him that Grey had been murdered by a gunshot to the forehead, but he had been stabbed first. He then broke the bad news; under the circumstances, it appeared that Maya could be the only one who had had the opportunity to carry out the murder.

The police arrested Maya. Wright spent the night in Kurain Village, resolving to visit Maya the following morning as soon as he could.

June 20[]

Wright visited Maya at the detention center. Maya blamed herself for the murder because she believed she had been too weak to control the spirit that she had channeled. She did not have much information about what had happened, as when a channeling occurred, the channeler would lose her consciousness. However, she did remember one thing; after falling unconscious, she had a short dream in which she had felt that she was dead and buried in the ground and a familiar smell had enveloped her. Wright decided immediately that no matter how difficult the circumstances appeared to be, he would take up her case, for which she was grateful. Before he left, Maya handed him a magatama, informing him that Pearl would aid him if he showed it to her. Deciding to return to Kurain Village, Wright first returned to his law offices to collect the newspaper article that Grey had showed him when they had first met.

Wright arrived at Kurain Village to investigate further, resolving to clear Maya of the crime. Returning to the side room, he encountered Ini Miney again. Inquiring about why she was still here, he learned that since she was studying parapsychology, she had asked to stay a little while longer to learn about channeling and spirit mediums. Wright also noticed that there was a large box in the room that had not been there before, but the contents only held a collection of spiritual robes.

In the channeling chamber, Morgan Fey was present. She explained that yesterday, as soon as Wright and Hart had left the Channeling Chamber, she had struck Maya on the head to make her unconscious and then had performed a special technique to send the spirit she had channeled back to the afterlife. Asking about Pearl, he learned that she had the spiritual power to become the next Master as, despite her young age, she was a channeling prodigy of the family, stronger than most in the main branch, including Maya. However, although she had the potential, she could not be the next master as she was a member of the branch family. Examining the room, Wright noticed a small hole in the folding screen, despite Morgan claiming that none of the family heirlooms had been damaged in the incident.

Investigating further, Wright encountered Pearl at the Winding Way. He gave her the magatama and she burst into tears, explaining that she was upset about what had happened to Maya. But since Wright had Maya's magatama and Maya had talked to Pearl about a "Mr. Nick" before, Pearl was also under the impression that Wright and Maya were in a relationship and agreed to help them both in any way she could. She handed Wright the object she had been holding yesterday and it turned out to be a large black key that looked identical to the key with which Maya had locked the channeling chamber door. She also charged the magatama with spiritual energy and explained to him that it could be used to unlock people's "Psyche-Locks", which represented the secrets they held. In addition, she asked to accompany him in his investigation to show him how to use the magatama when the opportunity arose.

Gumshoe was present in the meditation room when Wright returned there. He felt sorry for Maya's situation but had some bad news; Lotta Hart would be testifying for the prosecution in the trial and the prosecutor would be "von Karma". Thinking that Gumshoe was referring to Manfred von Karma, Wright was shocked that von Karma could be prosecuting after Miles Edgeworth's trial, but Gumshoe explained that he was talking about von Karma's daughter and successor, a prodigy who had become a prosecutor at the age of 13. Gumshoe also gave Wright an additional newspaper clipping concerning the events of the car accident that had followed the malpractice incident. The name of the victim had been Mimi Miney. Thanking Gumshoe, Wright decided to return to the side room, certain that Ini Miney was involved with this case now and deciding to test out what the magatama could do.

Ini Miney was still in the room when he entered and he proceeded to ask her about Grey. She again denied knowing him and, almost immediately, Wright saw a lock appear in front of Ini. Pearl explained that this was a "Psyche-Lock" and that only he could see it. The more locks a person had, the greater the secret they wished to keep concealed. Showing Ini Gumshoe's newspaper clipping, he managed to break her lock and she admitted that she was actually the younger sister of Mimi Miney, the nurse who had been involved in the malpractice case and who had died in the car accident. She claimed that Grey had caused the accident, as he had been overworking her, as well as the malpractice scandal for which he had blamed Mimi.

Deciding that he had investigated Kurain Village enough, he returned to the detention center, only to find Mia Fey there in Maya's body. He informed her of what had happened over the last two days and asked her advice on what to do. She told him that she believed that Maya had been set up, as spirit mediums did not dream during a channeling. She also believed that the key that Pearl had given him was extremely vital evidence. Wright, however, still had no idea who the real murderer could have been but just as he was about to ask Mia for her thoughts, he was shocked to see that three Psyche-Locks had appeared over her; Mia knew something about this case that she had not revealed.

June 21[]


First session[]

The day of the trial began. In the defendant lobby, Maya wondered what happened to Edgeworth, but Wright got irritated and merely claimed that he was gone. At the prosecutor's bench was the prodigy Franziska von Karma, who had recently entered the country from Germany. She promised Wright that she would get revenge on him and that he would be losing this case. She then called her first witness, Detective Gumshoe.

Gumshoe explained that there were no windows in the channeling chamber and that the door had been locked. When the murder had occurred, only Maya and Grey had been present inside. Two gunshots had been heard and Wright had then broken down the door. Gumshoe testified that Grey had died from a gunshot, fired at point blank range, to the forehead. However, he had been stabbed in the chest first, although this wound had not been enough to cause instantaneous death.

The ensuing cross-examination revealed that the gun used had belonged to Grey himself. However, fingerprints belonging to Maya had been found on the grip and gunpowder burns positively identified that it had indeed been a shot from point blank range. In addition, the knife used also contained Maya's fingerprints. Gumshoe then admitted both weapons into the court record.

The judge was now convinced that Maya had killed Grey but that it had not necessarily been premeditated. He asked Wright if he wished to change the plea to justified self defense, but Wright refused; a plea of justified self defense would still be an admission that Maya had killed Grey, which he was convinced had not occurred. Von Karma told Wright that he had sealed Maya's fate and ordered Gumshoe to present further testimony.

Bloody robe

The bloodstained robes.

Gumshoe showed the court the clothes that Maya had been wearing at the time. They were covered in blood and Gumshoe used this fact to state that Grey had not been fighting back when he was killed. Wright asked whether it was certain that the blood belonged to Grey and Gumshoe responded that the lab had confirmed it. However, Wright noticed something odd with the costume; there was a bullet hole in the sleeve. He used this to prove that Grey had not been idle when he was attacked; he had managed to fire the gun but he had missed his target. Von Karma, however, stated that this only provided a means to support a justified self defense plea, which Wright had refused. Even then, one bullet hole in a sleeve was not enough to support the plea. Gumshoe was then ordered to present his final testimony.

Gumshoe testified that Grey, after being stabbed, must have used the last of his strength to draw his gun and shoot at his attacker. He had missed, however, since they had been too close, and the attacker had then taken his gun and shot him in the forehead. Wright argued that Maya was much shorter than Grey was and had less body mass; it would have been nearly impossible for her to attack Grey and fatally stab him. However, von Karma was prepared; she stated that the Kurain Channeling Technique had physically changed the channeler's physique to match that of the channeled spirit; with the nurse's build, Maya had easily been a match for Grey.

Wright then argued that the two had not been close when the first shot was fired at all. There were no gunpowder burns around the bullet hole found in the sleeve and so the shot must have been at a greater distance than at point blank range. Von Karma argued that Grey could simply have pushed his attacker away before drawing his gun, but Wright cited Gumshoe, retorting that Grey's blood loss from the stabbing had been severe. It would have been impossible for him to push his attacker very far due to a loss of strength. Von Karma then suggested that Maya had pushed Grey. Wright presented the folding screen; the bullet hole had passed through the sleeve of the costume and then through the folding screen. However, the hole in the screen was eight inches off the ground. This proved that Grey's attacker had been squatting close to the ground. Using a diagram, Wright then pressed on and asserted that Grey's target had been a significant distance away and squatting near the folding screen. Wright then asked why Maya would possibly be by the folding screen instead of preparing to deal the final strike. Von Karma conceded the point and blamed Gumshoe for damaging her perfect logic. After a moment of insulting and whipping Gumshoe, she decided to call the next witness. The judge agreed but decided to call a five minute recess first.

Second session[]

Lotta Channeling Photo 1

The first photograph.

After the recess, von Karma called Lotta Hart to the stand, and Hart testified that only Grey and Maya had entered the channeling chamber, while everybody else had waited outside. A gunshot had been heard and Wright had then broken down the door. Once inside the chamber, they had seen Grey dead and Maya waving a pistol around. Hart then showed the court a photo she had taken of the scene and it was accepted into the court record.

Wright pressed Hart on every statement, but he could not find anything wrong with her testimony. In fact, if it had been him on the witness stand, he would have told the court the same words. The judge went on to declare that although Maya's face could not be seen in Hart's photo, only two people had been in the channeling chamber at the time; logic would dictate that it had to be Maya. Wright saw that there was nothing further he could do as the judge prepared to deliver a guilty verdict. At that moment, Mia appeared next to him, having been channeled by Pearl. She told Wright that it was not yet over; there was evidence that could turn things around and that in order to obtain this evidence, he would have to question Hart one more time. Although the judge felt that the case was over, von Karma allowed the testimony to take place, believing that it would help to seal her perfection when the case was finally over and Wright had lost. Relieved, Wright asked her to testify one more time about what had happened when she had burst into the channeling chamber.

Hart testified that when she had entered the room, she had been frightened of Grey's corpse and thus had only focused on Maya, managing to take a photo. Wright corrected her; she had taken two photos. The judge asked why this second photo had not been presented to the court and Wright accused Hart of withholding evidence. Hart admitted that she had not revealed the existence of the second photo because von Karma had specifically asked her not to. The judge then asked von Karma to explain herself but she simply commented that she had not thought that the photo was of any importance as it was "more or less" the same as the one that had been presented to the court, but she would submit it now if everyone wanted to see it so badly.

Lotta Channeling Photo 2

The second photograph.

Mia in Detention

Von Karma's photograph.

The second picture revealed the face of the killer; it did not appear to be Maya. Wright knew that the photo showed the spirit that had been channeled into Maya's body but he knew also that he would have a hard time explaining this to the court. Von Karma cleared up the matter by showing the court a photo of Mia in Maya's body at the detention center on the previous day, and she went on to explain that when a successful channeling occurred, the spirit would inhabit the channeler's body and physically change the body to match the spirit's physical appearance. Mia stated that the picture was illegal evidence as it had been taken during a private meeting. Von Karma admitted that it was illegal, but she had never meant to present it into the court record. The judge, in disbelief at what he had seen and heard, then asked if the person in the photo, although she looked nothing like her, was Maya. Wright, however, had spotted something else in the photo that could prove that the killer was not Maya; the sleeve of the person in the photo did not have a bullet hole. The judge concurred with Wright and was angry that von Karma had deliberately withheld evidence, but von Karma claimed that it was not her fault; she would not have withheld the photo if she had deemed it to be important to the case. Since the bullet hole was overlooked in the original police investigation, she had considered the photo of little importance. Wright knew that this was an elaborate web of lies but Mia reminded him that he would have to let it slide since he did not have any evidence that could prove this. The judge was still confused about the inconsistencies in the photo, so Wright stated that since there was no bullet hole visible in the photo and yet one was found in Maya's robes, there could only be one conclusion; the person who had killed Grey could not have been Maya at all. Von Karma was not convinced by this train of thought as it brought up the question of where Maya had disappeared to and where the person in the photo had appeared from, questions for which Wright did not yet have answers. The judge agreed; Wright knew that although he did not have a clear answer, all he had to do was to prove that Maya had left the room at some point between the murder and the time the police had arrived and arrested her. To do this, he presented to the court the key that Pearl had given him; it was the key to the channeling chamber and, more importantly, it was a one of a kind key that had been used by Maya to lock the door before the channeling had started; it should have been found in her possession when she had been arrested. Upon being asked how he had the key, Wright informed the court that Pearl had given it to him, despite the fact that she had been nowhere near the crime scene on the day of the murder. If Maya had not left the room, then Pearl would have had no way to obtain the key at all.

The judge determined that, at the moment, it was impossible to prove conclusively that the person in the photo was Maya, as Wright's possession of the key disputed this. It would not be possible to hand down a verdict until these matters were resolved and so the trial would have to be adjourned until the following day.

In the defendant lobby, Maya was impressed that Pearl had managed to summon Mia's spirit. She was also relieved that Wright had managed to avoid a guilty verdict but confessed that she did not remember leaving the room at any time. Wright told her that at least they had an extra day to solve the mystery. He decided to continue his investigation and departed with Pearl back to Kurain Village.


At Kurain Village, Wright realized that he had not asked Pearl where she had been and what she had been doing at the time of the murder. When asked this, Pearl stuttered nervously that she had not been doing anything, but Wright could see the two Psyche-Locks that appeared, although he did not yet know what secrets she was hiding. Moving on to ask about the key, Pearl told him that she had found it in the incinerator at the Winding Way after the channeling had occurred although she was not supposed to be playing with the trash.

Evil Morgan

Morgan Fey taunting "Misty".

Morgan was inside the channeling chamber. Not noticing Wright's entrance, she was conversing with a picture that she addressed as "Misty". Upon noticing Wright's presence, though, she quickly put the picture away. Inquiring further, Wright learned that the Misty she was referring to was Maya and Mia's mother, the current master of Kurain Village, who had gone missing after the DL-6 Incident. In four years' time, she would be considered dead in the village and a new master would be appointed. Ordinarily, this would have been Maya, but if she were found guilty in the current murder case and executed or imprisoned, a member of the branch family would take over. She also claimed that when Hart and Wright had left the room yesterday, she had performed the spirit severing technique (which she had mentioned the day before) and then had remained by Maya's side until the police had arrived.

On his way to the incinerator, Wright encountered Ini Miney again who showed him a cracked urn, supposedly containing the spirit of the founder of the Kurain Channeling Technique, Mystic Ami. The word etched on the front read "I AM". Inside the incinerator itself was a scrap of cloth from Maya's costume with a small bloodstain on it. Ini Miney still denied knowing Grey even though she had introduced him to Kurain Village and her sister had been involved in the malpractice scandal at his clinic. When asked about her sister's accident, two Psyche-Locks appeared; Wright would need further information to find out what secrets she was hiding.

Maya was waiting for Wright at the detention center. She was still not sure that she was not the killer but Wright explained to her that she should not have had a dream had that been the case. In addition, he was sure that she had been drugged, perhaps even before the channeling had taken place, and that the whole event had been planned out in advance. When he showed Maya the key Pearl had given him, she explained that she was sure she had had it in her sleeve pocket while she had been channeling so she did not know how it had ended up in the incinerator. Inquiring about Pearl, he learned that she had a ball that she loved to play with and that it was kept in a large clothing box in the side room.

Upon his return to Kurain Village, Wright ran into Lotta Hart but she attempted to avoid him as she was feeling guilty for what she had done to Maya in court previously. In the side room, Wright noticed both Pearl's ball and the large box that Maya had mentioned. Hart was hiding within the box and gave Wright a shock when she revealed herself. However, upon further examination of the box, Wright noticed a small hole, approximately eight inches from the ground.

Bad Pearl

Pearl trying to glue the Sacred Urn back together.

Pearl's secret was now clear and she confessed that she had been playing with her ball in the Winding Way when the murder occurred. Accidentally, she had smashed the sacred urn and when she attempted to glue it back together, she had misspelled "AMI" as "I AM". She had been repairing the urn in the Winding Way up until Wright and Hart had reentered the mansion. She was frightened because she believed that she would be banished for breaking one of the village's sacred treasures.

While pondering about all the facts he had learned so far, Wright chased Hart down and she finally stopped running. Hart apologized for the harm she had caused and offered to patch things up by sharing any information she could. Wright asked about Ini Miney and Hart suspected that she was the only one in the village who could have committed the murder if Maya had not; everyone else had a firm alibi. She also told him that about half a year previously, Ini Miney had been hospitalized at a hospital called the Hotti Clinic, and gave him the address. Wright decided to look into this further.

The "Director Hotti" Wright met recognized Ini Miney when he inquired about her. She had once been a patient there, admitted after a car accident. She had been badly burned and required facial reconstruction based off a license photo she had provided, although the actual license had most likely been burned up with the car. After Wright displayed his attorney's badge to "Hotti", the latter finally admitted to not being the real hospital director (to Wright's complete lack of surprise). The imposter then produced a newspaper article on the car accident. It read that Ini Miney had been sleeping in the passenger's seat. When she had woken, the car had been on fire and she had managed to escape, although she had suffered terrible burns. She had finally been discharged around six months before Grey's murder.

Deciding to ask Ini Miney more about this accident, Wright returned to Kurain Village. Lotta Hart was still there and she informed him that Morgan Fey had just phoned the police. She also revealed that Morgan Fey was supposed to be the master of the village but had lost to her younger sister Misty Fey. Since then, she had been plotting to retake the position once Misty had disappeared.

Ini Miney was still at the Winding Way. Using the information Director Hotti had given him, Wright managed to uncover her secret; she had been in the car with her sister Mimi the night of the accident. After the crash, she had managed to open the passenger side door and escape but her sister had not been so lucky. She believed that Turner Grey had drugged her sister with sleeping pills, causing her to fall asleep at the wheel. Wright now saw a motive for murder but Ini declared that it would be impossible to prove anything.

Wright returned to detention to see how Maya was doing but it was Mia who greeted him. It was hard for him to know that Mia had her own secrets, but in order to save Maya, he had to know what they were. He believed that Mia was protecting her aunt Morgan. Although Morgan had an alibi, she also had the only opportunity to place the key and scrap of cloth in the incinerator. Someone had changed Maya's clothing and burned the ones she was wearing. Again, only Morgan had this opportunity. However, she could not have carried out the murder as she was with Wright and Hart when it had occurred. She needed an accomplice: Ini Miney. However, there was no apparent motive for Morgan Fey to be involved in this murder and it could not yet be proved that she and Ini Miney were working together. Mia believed that Misty Fey was the key to solving this case, but for now, they had done all they could.

June 22[]


First session[]

Before the trial, Wright asked Pearl if she could channel Mia today. She had wanted to sit in the audience and watch the trial, but he told her that without Mia, he would not feel confident enough. She agreed and left to get ready. Wright told Maya that he was relieved; this way she would not have to see the trial. Maya asked him what he meant, but having an idea of what was in store, he did not answer.

Court convened and the judge asked if it had been determined how Maya had managed to leave the chamber after the murder. Von Karma responded that she would be able to show this. She asserted that the person in Lotta Hart's second photo was still Maya channeling a spirit; she had simply left the room for a period after the murder and before being arrested. That was most likely when she had dropped the key that Pearl had later discovered. Von Karma then called Morgan Fey to the witness stand.

Morgan testified that after she had sent Hart and Wright away to call the police, the possessed Maya had attacked her, knocking her out and escaping from the room. Despite pressing her statements, Wright was unable to find anything incorrect or contradictory in her testimony. Von Karma then declared that Maya, after leaving the room, had gone to speak with someone. She called her next witness to the stand, Ini Miney.


Ini's testimony.

Ini testified that she had been sleeping in the side room when she had been awoken by her sister's spirit in Maya's body, Mimi Miney. Mimi had then told her that Grey had drugged her with sleeping pills and that this was why she had killed him. Wright asked Ini if she had noticed anything strange about Mimi and she replied that although she had been surprised to see her sister again, there had been nothing odd about the encounter. Wright objected; the front of Maya's clothes had been covered in blood. If Ini had truly seen her sister, she should have been shocked or frightened at the very least.

However, Ini testified that the room was dark and the blood on the purple robes blended in. She then went on to say that she had convinced her sister that what she had done was wrong and had taken her back to the channeling chamber, in which only Morgan was present. Wright asked if she saw anyone on her way there to which she replied she had not. Wright found another contradiction; Pearl had been in the Winding Way for a long time after the channeling, fixing the urn she had broken. It would have been impossible for anyone not to notice her if he or she had walked along the Winding Way at that time. Wright then demanded that Ini tell the truth about where she had really been during the murder; everything she had said up until now was simply lies.

Ini replied that she had been sleeping in the side room, but her earlier testimony betrayed her; she could not have known who was in the channeling chamber after the murder at all if she had been in the side room. Wright then pressed on, theorizing that Ini had been in the chamber, but that she had not used the Winding Way to travel there. The fact that she had not seen Pearl repairing the urn could prove this. Von Karma challenged him to prove his theory, asking where Ini had really been at the time of the murder. He responded that Ini had been in the channeling chamber. Although only two people had been seen entering the chamber, this did not prove who the killer was, if it could be proven that someone else had already been inside. Someone could hide behind the folding screen, but no one had seen Ini hiding there because she had been hiding inside the large clothing box.

Ini claimed that hiding inside the box was impossible but Wright already knew that it was possible. Lotta Hart had been hiding in the box when he had been looking for her. Von Karma retorted that the box had nothing to do with the murder because it had been found in the side room, not the channeling chamber. Wright replied that there was a bullet hole about eight inches from the ground on the box, the same height as the bullet hole found in the folding screen. This proved that the box had been inside the channeling chamber, behind the folding screen, during the murder.

Wright accused Ini Miney of killing Grey, asserting that she was the person in Lotta Hart's photo. Ini had hidden inside the box, waiting for the opportunity to strike. In addition, she had dressed herself in spirit medium robes in order to disguise herself as Maya Fey. The plan had been to murder Grey and to pin the blame on Maya. Von Karma stated that Wright's theory was flawed; one person alone could not do all the things that he claimed. Wright agreed that this was true and that Ini Miney must have had an accomplice who had provided the box to use and the medium robes to wear: Morgan Fey.

It's a box

The box used to hide both Ini and Maya.

Sleeping Medium

A drugged Maya about to be put in the box.

Grey's Shot

Grey attempting to shoot his attacker.

Ini's plan was to hide in the box, disguised as Maya until the channeling had started. Once this had happened she was to exit the box, drug Maya with a sleeping agent and stab Grey with the knife. Maya's body would then be hidden inside the box; if anyone had entered at that time, they would have seen a person dressed in Maya's robes and assumed that the person was a channeled spirit. Maya would then receive the blame for the murder. However, something happened that had not been anticipated; Grey did not die instantly from the stabbing, using the last of his strength to draw his gun and shoot at his attacker. When the door had been broken down, he and Lotta Hart had seen Ini Miney because Maya had already been hidden inside the box. No one had suspected anything at the time as Morgan had ushered them quickly out of the room. While they were gone, she was able to move both Ini and Maya out of the room.

Von Karma laughed at Wright's theory, asserting that it lacked an explanation of the motive. Wright showed the court the newspaper clipping about the car accident involving Ini and Mimi. In that accident, Mimi had died and Ini had suffered a lot of physical and emotional pain. Ini countered that there was never any proof that Grey had drugged Mimi. Even if she had wanted revenge, there had been no reason to wait this long for it. In addition, it had been Grey who had contacted her, inquiring about spirit mediums and channeling. The judge was inclined to agree with von Karma. It was a long and complicated plan for a simple murder and Ini lacked any real motive. There was also no reason for Morgan Fey to want Grey dead. Furthermore, Wright could not produce any evidence that could prove his case.

At this point, Mia asked the judge for one more minute, to which he agreed. She told Wright that although the plan was indeed long and complicated, Ini must have had a reason to murder Grey and a reason it had to be done the way it was. It was up to Wright to find this reason, and he knew that he had to press on. He then declared to the court that he would show and substantiate the fact that Ini had a motive.

Ini answered that it was too late; her cross examination was already over. However, von Karma overruled her. She would give Wright this chance, if only to make certain that her win was completely perfect. The judge acknowledged this and announced that the court would reconvene after a five minute recess.

Second session[]

In the defendant lobby, Maya asked Wright if the things she had heard in court about her aunt were true. Wright sadly replied that they were, as it would have been impossible for Ini to carry out the entire plan herself. Von Karma then interrupted and insisted that she would soon defeat Wright. He replied that even if she did, it would not bring her father back.

The court then reconvened and the judge asked again if it could be proven that Ini Miney had a motive for wanting Grey dead. Wright declared that he could. Reasoning that Grey and Ini only had one point of connection, he asked her to testify about the car accident one year previously.

Ini testified that on the night of the accident, Mimi had been extremely tired. Mimi had been in the driver's seat and Ini in the passenger's. Ini had fallen asleep and, when she had woken, the car had crashed and had been on fire. At that point, she had managed to open the passenger door and escape. Wright asked why Ini had not offered to drive if Mimi had been so tired. She responded that she did not have a driving license at the time, but Wright exposed this as a lie, citing the photo the doctors at the Hotti Clinic had used to reconstruct her face after the accident, which she had taken for the express purpose of obtaining a driver's license. Ini then claimed that she did have a license but it had been obtained after the accident. Wright said that "Director Hotti" had told him otherwise. Ini denied this and stated that she had obtained her license in November of the previous year. However, she stated that even if she had had a license on that night, it was unlikely that Mimi would have let her drive. Mia asked her about this and the judge asked for further testimony on the subject.

Ini testified that Mimi had been a big fan of cars and the car she had driven on that night was a new sports car. Ini did not yet have a license and so Mimi had not let her drive it. Wright asked what had been so special about this car and Ini replied that it had been a special model that had been imported from the UK. Wright realized something important at this point; British cars had the driver's seat on the opposite side of those in America. Their steering wheels were on the right hand side as opposed to the left. He presented to the court the newspaper article about the accident; Ini had said that she had exited the car using the right door. If she was a passenger, she should have exited from the left. If she had exited using the right door and had not been driving, her sister would have survived, too. Therefore, at the time of the accident, she must have been the driver. Ini did not yet have a license and so only Mimi could have been the one driving that night. He concluded that the person on the witness stand was actually Mimi Miney; Ini was the one who had actually died in the accident, Mimi surviving but with her face being badly burned. The surgeons had needed a picture of her face in order to start facial reconstruction, but she had given them Ini's photo instead.

This was why she needed to murder Grey; he had been planning on channeling the spirit of Mimi Miney, but once the channeling failed, he would have realized that Mimi was still alive. It was by mere coincidence that he had contacted "Ini" about spirit channeling, but once she had known what he was planning, she had decided that she needed to stop him, whatever the cost.

Mimi miney revealed

Mimi confesses.

Von Karma was still in disbelief, but Ini spoke up. She admitted that what Wright had said was the truth. The judge did not understand why she had thrown her own life away to become her sister but Wright produced the newspaper article on the malpractice incident. Grey was correct all along; Mimi Miney had caused the deaths of the fourteen patients. A few weeks after that, Mimi had lost her younger sister in a car accident. She had lost everything dear to her in that accident, but she had seen a way to escape from her past and be reborn as her sister, Ini Miney.

The judge still did not understand why Mimi felt that the murder had to be carried out or why Morgan Fey had aided her, but he was sure of the fact that Maya was innocent after all. Von Karma was in shock at having lost a case for the first time and took her anger out on Wright, whipping him into unconsciousness. The judge then declared his verdict: not guilty.


Sisters Reunited

Sisters finally reunited.

In the defendant lobby, Mia and Maya were able to enjoy a heartfelt reunion. Maya finally realized what the familiar smell was in her dream; it was the smell of Mia's clothes that she had once stored in the clothing box long ago. Wright wondered what would have happened if Grey had not drawn his gun, but Mia told him that Mimi probably would have opened the door herself; the murder had been planned to the smallest detail. In tears, Maya wondered why her aunt would have done something so horrible. Wright explained that in four years, Maya would become the new master of Kurain Village, but if she was not there, a new master would have to be chosen from the branch family. Morgan's spiritual power would be too weak, and so the next master would most likely be Pearl. Maya could only drop her head and whisper: "I thought so."


In Solitary Cell 13, Morgan Fey whispered to herself that everything she did was to unseat Maya and make way for Pearl to be the Master. Even though her attempt had failed, she was not worried. Another chance would present itself in the future. All she had to do was be patient; her sinister plans were far from over...

References to popular culture[]

  • While talking about the picture of Ini Miney that he had stolen, "Hotti" refers to it as his "treasure" and "preciiious". This is likely meant to be a reference to J. R. R. Tolkien's character Gollum, who often refers to the One Ring in this way.
  • At one point during "Ini's" testimony, Wright is interrupted by von Karma. Wright then sarcastically thinks "Well, excuuuse me, Princess." "Excuuuuuuse me, Princess!" was the sarcastic catchphrase of Link in the The Legend of Zelda television show, an American animated series loosely based on the video games series of the same name. In the cartoon, it was often used by Link (29 times in 13 episodes) when retorting to Princess Zelda's comments.
  • When demanding for an explanation from Wright as to how the third party could have swapped places with Maya inside the Channeling Chamber, von Karma prefaces with, "Riddle me this, Mr. Phoenix Wright!" "Riddle me this, Batman!" is a catchphrase associated with The Riddler, who leaves cryptic riddles and puzzles in his schemes for Batman to solve.
  • Mia's reaction to Wright falling unconscious after being whipped repeatedly by von Karma is similar to the game over lines in the Metal Gear Solid series.

Localization changes[]

  • The vehicle involved in the car crash is actually an American car, a 1969 Camaro SS. Because Japan's roads are driven on the left side, the driver's seat on a Japanese car is on the right, and the passenger's on the left, resulting in the contradiction with the American car. In the North American and European localizations, these positions are all reversed, with the car being claimed as a UK model, maintaining the door side dilemma.
  • In the Japanese version, presenting Pearl's profile to "Hotti" will have him urge Wright to bring her to see him if she hurts herself, to which Wright inwardly refuses. Believing this line would not be suitable in the Western release, the localization crew experimented with an alternative scenario where "Hotti" compared Pearl to a doll, before removing the line altogether. In the final Western release, "Hotti" compares Pearl to a young girl who is currently at the hospital, although he is unsure what her ailment is.[1]
  • In the Japanese version, the reassembled urn says "子供" (kodomo, meaning "kid"), while Ami's name is listed as "キョウコ" (Kyouko). This makes the puzzle significantly harder because the name is listed in a different script than what is written on the urn and it uses a different kanji reading for 供 (kyou vs domo) in addition to being backwards. It also explains why Pearl messed it up - she didn't know how to spell Ami's name in kanji.

Anime changes[]

Reunionandturnabout anime
  • Maya Fey wears a completely different outfit for the channeling rite. This outfit appears to be a set of white robes, along with an ornament known as a "medium headdress". Wright uses the lack of this ornament in one of the photographs to prove that Maya could not have committed the murder.
  • Maya does not channel Mia at all during Wright's visits to the detention center. Thus, no photo is taken of Mia being channeled by Maya. von Karma thus uses the photo showing the supposed channeling of Mimi Miney getting bloodstains on Maya's outfit to prove the existence of the Kurain Channeling Technique.
  • Pearl doesn't lie to Phoenix about playing with the ball and tells everything herself, whereas in the game you have to break the psyche-locks to do so.
  • Mimi Miney and Morgan Fey's roles in the case were reversed for the anime. Instead of planning to kill Dr. Grey, she approached Morgan Fey to ask if she could alter the channeling so Dr. Grey would not discover the truth. Knowing the truth, Morgan then blackmails Mimi into killing Dr. Grey so Maya can be framed. This makes Mimi the accomplice and Morgan the murderer.
  • Mimi Miney's breakdown is altered: she rips her hat by driving her head through it, screams, and explodes in a firey blaze when her identity is revealed.
  • In the game, Phoenix was able to open the iron doors that led into the Channeling Chamber by himself. The anime had Phoenix needing Lotta's help to open it.
  • Hotti does not appear in this case in the anime, and thus does not present Ini's photo to Phoenix. Phoenix receives Ini's driver's license wholesale from Lotta Hart instead.
  • Franziska von Karma does not whip Wright into unconsciousness after losing for the first time in her entire career, since Wright does not tempt her anger in any way. Franziska in general is better behaved and lashes out to a much lesser degree.
  • Maya does not reunite with Mia after the end of the final trial. Instead, Morgan appears, telling Wright her true objective, as Mia looks to one side. Thus, Morgan does not have her own monologue in Solitary Cell 13, and the reunion between Mia and Maya would be brought over to the end of the Farewell, My Turnabout saga.
  • At the end of this case, there is an additional scene in the anime where Wright accompanies Maya and Pearl back to Kurain Village. Maya initially decides to remain in the village, however, as Wright prepares to board the train back to the city, Pearl pushes Maya into the train as well, insisting that Maya remain with Wright.
  • Mimi's car is an Audi S2 Coupe, a German sports car. The Audi is still incorrectly referred to as an American car.

Typos and errors[]

  • In the English localization, Ini says she got out of the car on the right side, but the cinematic still shows the right side of the car on fire and the left door unobstructed as she got out on the left side in the Japanese version.
  • In the iOS version, when examining the large rock in front of Fey Manor, the small window above the text box showing that Phoenix is the one speaking disappears. This also happens when examining the sign above the Channeling Chamber.
  • When presenting the attorney's badge to Turner Grey, he says "with me and my profession with that piece of scrap?". Not only is the beginning of the sentence not capitalized, the sentence also makes no sense, and it's highly likely that a different word was meant to be used in place of the first "with".
  • "That was it not for Mystic Maya and her assistance, you would surly not have won..." - Morgan Fey, in the Channeling Chamber before the murder. Fixed for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.
  • "I guess this is an alter." - Phoenix Wright upon examining the altar in the Channeling Chamber before the murder.
  • "Let's us speak of the present now." - Morgan Fey, before the murder happens. Fixed for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.
  • "Where you in this room when Lotta and went to call the police?" - Wright, during his questioning of Morgan. Fixed for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.
  • "'M-More trouble that it's worth!?' How... How can you say that!?" - Wright, when Franziska von Karma presents Lotta Hart's second photograph.
  • "(Um, breech of ethics...? ...Oh, wait...)" - Wright's thoughts when "Hotti" reveals that he stole "Ini" Miney's driver's license photograph.
  • "Are you done yet? You've cause me enough pain and suffering." - Phoenix Wright to von Karma in the defendant's lobby just before the second trial day. Fixed for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy.


  • If the figure sitting in front of the burning car during the opening cinematic is examined closely, it is possible to see that said figure has the hair of Mimi Miney, not Ini Miney.
  • When presenting Maya's profile to Lotta Hart, Lotta comments that Maya should be taught some manners seeing as how this was the second time Maya was being accused of murder. She also comments that since it happened twice there was likely going to be a third and even fourth time before getting slapped by Phoenix. Incidentally Maya did end up getting accused two more times in Bridge to the Turnabout and The Rite of Turnabout.
  • If Wright presents Ini Miney's profile to "Ini Miney" herself, she responds as though she does not recognize the face as her own, before claiming to just be joking upon hearing Wright's perplexed response. This may have been intended as foreshadowing towards the twist regarding her true identity.
  • When Wright has to present a profile in order to point out the witness's true identity, if he picks up the wrong profile, the unconvinced judge will ask him to provide his own name, having feared he had forgotten it again; this is an anachronistic reference to The Lost Turnabout, where Wright had amnesia and couldn't remember his name.

Other languages[]

  • Chinese - 重逢,然後逆轉 (Chóngféng, Ránhòu Nìzhuǎn; lit. "Reunion, then Turnabout")
  • Portuguese - Reunião e Reviravolta (lit. "Reunion and Turnabout")
  • Russian - Дело о воссоединении ("The Case about Reunion")


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