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"Reunion and Turnabout - Last Trial" is the seventeenth episode of the Ace Attorney animated adaptation. It is the last of four episodes that adapt the story of Reunion, and Turnabout from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All.



Adaptation differences[]

  • In the game, Mimi is the one who came up with the plan to murder Dr. Grey and prevent her true identity from being exposed, with Morgan serving as her accomplice due to her own scheme to frame and eliminate Maya from the Master position of Kurain Spirit Channeling. The anime version of Mimi has no intention of murdering Grey, merely wanting to hide the fact that she is the one who survived the accident, and visited Kurain Village to appeal to Morgan with such cause. However, Morgan blackmailed Mimi with this knowledge, threatening to expose her if she didn't go along with her plan to murder Grey and frame Maya.
  • Mimi takes the blame on the accident at Grey's clinic, differently from the game, where she blames Turner Grey for giving excessive work.
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