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For the music track used during revisualization sequences, see "Revisualization ~ Synaptic Resonance".

Phoenix Wright thinking during a revisualization sequence in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies.

Multiple choice questions during a revisualization sequence in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice.

Athena Cykes
I'm going to revisualize the case from start to finish!

Revisualization[1] is a recurring sequence used in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice. It occurs at a critical point in a trial, usually within the last few moments, when the protagonist is backed into a corner and has to review their thinking to reach a decisive conclusion that usually turns the case on its head. Thematically, it is similar to the logic epiphanies in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Gyakuten Kenji 2. Mechanically, it is essentially a series of multiple choice questions about items and evidence connected to the case. There are unique responses to every available answer, including the incorrect ones, with no penalty being incurred for choosing incorrectly.

More often than not it involves re-examining pieces of evidence from much earlier in the case that don't line up with how the case has changed, provoking the realisation of a huge logical inconsistency with the whole case. On more than one occasion, revisualisation has helped the protagonists out of a situation that would make indicting the true criminal impossible due to extraneous circumstances.

Revisualisation is never featured in a game's first case.

List of revisualization sequences[]

The Monstrous Turnabout (Apollo Justice)
Does any of the evidence found outside the crime scene provide any clues? Hand Cream Amazing Nine-Tails's Mask
What sort of clue does that mask hold? White hair Patch of golden fur
And what about the hair left in the mask? Who does it belong to? Rex Kyubi Florent L'Belle
Concluding statement The white hair is L'Belle's
Turnabout Academy (Athena Cykes)
The only time Prof. Means could've removed the body from its hiding place is... Before the mock trial During the mock trial After the mock trial
It was during the mock trial, specifically... During the speech While Junie wasn't there
The professor also moved something to the stage that wasn't there before, specifically... The body The gold statue The white statue
What was already on the stage and capable of concealing a body? The school banner The Wright statue The Gavin statue
Concluding statement The body was hidden by Wright's Statue
Turnabout for Tomorrow (Phoenix Wright)
Who could have taken the utility knife from the lab? Metis Cykes Athena Cykes Someone else
This person must've fooled Ponco's facial recognition feature by covering... Their own face Ponco's face The victim's face
The culprit could have covered their face and posed as which person to avoid detection? Simon Blackquill Ponco Metis Cykes
The culprit used this in order to pose as the victim. A recording of her voice Her jacket Her katana
If that's the case, then who did Athena stab? The victim The defendant The real culprit
Concluding statement Athena stabbed the real culprit
Turnabout Reclaimed (Phoenix Wright)
Which piece of evidence left on the walkie-talkie could prove it belongs to the victim? The orca's tooth marks The victim's fingerprints
What's striking about these two pieces of evidence? The colors are similar The tooth marks are different
Wasn't there a trick of Orla's that had two different variations as well? The show song The lifesaver trick
What's behind the fact that the orca's tooth marks and song were different a year ago? New teeth grew in It was a different orca She learned a new song
Concluding statement There are 2 different orcas
The Magical Turnabout (Apollo Justice)
What part of the magic show wasn't a part of the show's original script? The set piece falling Bonny's mistake Manov Mistree's death
What mistake did Bonny make during the magic trick? Stage lift preparation Her life choices Mr. Hat's positioning
Which part of the culprit's cover-up attempt was affected by Trucy's new position? Blood in the coffin hole Fingerprints on the coffin The edited show footage
To make the crime scene consistent with the facts, the culprit must have... Dropped the set piece Swapped the coffin sides Wiped off the fingerprints
Concluding statement The culprit swapped the coffin sides
The Rite of Turnabout (Phoenix Wright)
What evidence could tell me something about the crime scene before the murder? The Warbaa'd Dagger Maya's testimony
The spring was already red before the high priest's murder because of... Zeh'lot's blood Tahrust's blood
Why didn't the high priest inform the authorities right then? To threaten Maya To keep the hideout hidden
Why did he have to go through with the rite? Did he want to...? Kill Maya Set up the scene during it
But how was he planning on concealing the source of the blood in the spring? He emptied the spring He used Maya's blood He used his own blood
I know who killed the high priest! It was...! Maya Tahrust himself A third party
Concluding statement Tahrust's death was a suicide
Turnabout Storyteller (Athena Cykes)
What was Master Toneido making in his dressing room? Soba Udon Ramen
What was found in the bowl on the table? Soba Udon Ramen
Where did the soba in the bowl on the table come from? Geiru made it A catering service The master's soba stock
Why did the culprit cook the soba noodles and put them in the bowl? She likes soba To hide the udon dough
But why did the culprit take the udon away and hide it? It must've been because she... Killed him with the udon dough Has a grudge against udon Killed him with the soba dough
Concluding statement The murder weapon was udon dough
Turnabout Revolution (Apollo Justice; United States civil trial)
If the legend is true, then we've already solved the riddle, right? Yes, we have No, not yet
But how would it be possible for a dead person to return to the world of the living? Cloning Channeling Time travel
Given the facts, in order to solve the riddle and receive the founder's power, I'd need... A spirit medium To practice channeling
Concluding statement A medium is needed to obtain the power
Turnabout Revolution (Apollo Justice; Khura'in murder trial)
Could this be the key to dethroning Ga'ran...? Rayfa Maya's channeling ability The Founder's Orb
Inga couldn't have channeled the founder, even after abducting Ms. Fey. After all... Only the queen can channel spirits He didn't know the founder's name The founder never existed
Okay, let's not overthink this. Ga'ran is obsessed with the orb because... She wants to clear her name It's a national treasure She can't channel spirits
So, if Ga'ran can't channel spirits... She would be exiled She'd have no claim to the throne It would look bad
Concluding statement Ga'ran has no claim to the throne
Turnabout Time Traveler (Phoenix Wright)
If Pierce committed the murder during the reception, then he had to have used... His shoulder mech, FXR-UPR The reception photo The murder weapon
The weapon used to kill Gloomsbury was... The Time Keeper The candelabra The Key of Love
During the reception, the Time Keeper was also used for... The Cutting of the Time Machine The First Startup of Love The First Taste of Love
Concluding statement The Time Keeper had been activated


In the Japanese version of the game, this process is called "kangae ruuto" (カンガエルート; lit. "Thought Route").


  • In the Dual Destinies Launch Trailer the end of the Revisualization sequence from The Monstrous Turnabout is depicted for a brief moment. However, the question that the player is answering is "why didn't the killer arrange the alderman so he was laying on his stomach", and the concluding statement is "The killer didn't know the lullaby". This was likely changed on purpose to avoid spoilers.
    • The Spirit of Justice Launch Trailer also depicts the Revisualization sequence from The Magical Turnabout, and the question is "What's the trick behind the trick coin", with the answer being "The two sides were identical".