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Rex Kyubi
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Florent L'Belle
"Night night, Alderman...Sweet dreams!"
Florent L'Belle before killing Rex Kyubi

Rex Kyubi was the alderman of Nine-Tails Vale until he was murdered during a meeting with Damian Tenma, the mayor of neighbouring Tenma Town. At some point prior to his role as alderman, Kyubi was a professional wrestler.

Merger and murder[]

Main article: The Monstrous Turnabout

While many of his fellow villagers in Nine-Tails Vale believed that Tenma Town was aggressively pushing for a merger between their towns as a takeover, Kyubi seemed to understand the truth behind Mayor Damian Tenma's actions. During a festival he called his counterpart for a meeting in the Fox Chamber in his manor, as he intended to tell him the truth behind the "Tenma Taro" sealed in the Forbidden Chamber, as well as having prepared a goodwill gift for Tenma in the form of a statue.

Unfortunately, Kyubi fell unconscious during their meeting due to Florent L'Belle lacing the coffees of both Kyubi and Tenma with sleeping pills. L'Belle then drove one of the alderman's antique spears through his chest, killing him. Tenma was soon arrested for the crime, with Apollo Justice defending him in court. Justice was eventually able to prove Tenma's innocence, and well as revealing L'Belle as the true culprit.


A retired pro wrestler, Kyubi had accumulated several awards for his past exploits in the ring, but still remained in good physical shape. Judging by a self-portrait he had in his mansion, he seemed to be a jovial and confident man with an impressive presence; he also appeared popular among the villagers. Kyubi's hobby of collecting antique weapons was turned against him when L'Belle used one of them to murder him.


  • Japanese - Ginji Kyuubi (九尾 銀次):
    • Both his Japanese and English surnames ("Kyuubi" (九尾) and "Kyubi", respectively) are derived from "Kyūbi no kitsune" (九尾の狐), the nine-tailed fox in Japanese mythology.
    • His Japanese given name, "Ginji" (銀次), means "the next silver"; a rough translation of his full name would therefore be "The Next Silver Nine-Tailed Fox".
  • English/French - Rex Kyubi:
    • "Rex" comes from the Latin for "king", which somewhat fits Kyubi's profession since he was the alderman of Nine-Tails Vale.