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Rex Kyubi[1] was the Alderman of Nine-Tails Vale. He was killed during a meeting with another mayor.

The merger

While many of the villagers in Nine-Tails Vale believed that Tenma Town was vigorously pushing for a merger between their towns as a takeover, Kyubi seemed to understand the truth behind Damian's actions. During a festival he called Damian to his chambers, wanting to tell him the truth behind the Tenma Taro sealed in the Forbidden Chamber, having prepared a goodwill gift for Damian in the form of a statue.

Unfortunately, Kyubi fell unconscious after drinking coffee laced with sleeping pills, allowing Florent L'Belle to kill him with one of his antique spears.


Not much is known about Kyubi's personality as he made no appearances prior to his death. Judging by a self-portrait he had in his mansion, he seemed to be a jovial, confident man with an impressive presence; he also appeared popular among the villagers.

Kyubi was a retired pro wrestler and had accumulated several awards for his exploits in the ring. This, combined with the mask of the Amazing Nine-Tails that had been found, led everyone to erroneously believe that he was the Amazing Nine-Tails himself. Kyubi also seemed fond of collecting antique weapons; one of which ended up being the weapon used to murder him.


  • "Kyubi/Kyuubi" (九尾) is derived from the "Nine-Tails" fox myth that inspired the Nine-Tails Vale village.
  • "Ginji" (銀次) means "the next silver," so a rough translation of 九尾銀次 is "The Next Silver Nine-Tails."
  • Rex means "king" or "mighty counselor/ruler". This name would fit Kyubi's profession since he was the alderman of Nine-Tails Vale. (A possible idea for the use of this name would derive from the thought of using "King Kyubi.")



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