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Rhoda Teneiro is a chief flight attendant working for iFly Airlines. She accompanied Miles Edgeworth on his investigation into the murder of Akbey Hicks, which had occurred in an iFly airplane.

The contest[]

Rhoda's "uniquely" designed suitcases.

Rhoda Teneiro won a contest among the employees of iFly Airlines to have her design on suitcases that would be displayed in the Gift Shop for sale. She was very confident that they would be a sellout, but since customers found them so hideous and expensive, nobody bought them. To make the suitcases look popular, she bought one on every flight.

Murder on a plane[]

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Discovering Hicks's body.

Teneiro was one of the chief flight attendants working on Flight I-390, traveling from Borginia to America. After the plane hit a patch of turbulence, Teneiro found Edgeworth in the lounge, with the dead body of Interpol agent Akbey Hicks in the nearby lift. The shock of the scene caused her to lose her composure and accuse Edgeworth for murdering the agent with a wallet that Edgeworth was holding. Teneiro took him back to his seat and bound his hands, saying that he was to remain in custody until the airplane arrives at the airport.

Nevertheless, Edgeworth proved her wrong by pointing out that the wallet was dripping with grape juice instead of blood (which was what Teneiro had initially believed). She checked the wallet, and there was only a passport, belonging to the victim, indicating that it was not the real murder weapon, since it was not heavy enough to cause blunt force trauma. Again, she persisted that Edgeworth had killed Agent Hicks, this time with the motive of monetary theft. Edgeworth then showed to her, that in the crime scene, the rest of the wallet's content was scattered in the elevator, and the culprit had not taken the money. Teneiro then untied Edgeworth, and apologized.

However, there were still doubts, so Edgeworth requested permission to investigate the crime scene and prove his innocence. Teneiro agreed, the conditions being that the captain gave his approval and she supervised him. In reality, Teneiro didn't bother trying to convince the captain, knowing that he was infatuated with Cammy Meele, another flight attendant, and also hoping to make up for accusing Edgeworth earlier.

Later on, Teneiro was accused of murdering Hicks due to many factors, including her suspicious motives for lying about getting the captain's permission, being in the gift shop at the time of the murder, which was where the supposed murder weapon (a Mr. Ifly piggy bank) was. She was also suspected since only she was allowed in the cargo hold, from which the suitcase used to move Hicks's body had come. However, she was later found innocent when Edgeworth worked out the true cause and time of death. He then went on to prove that Cammy Meele was the true culprit, who consistently tried to make Teneiro seem like the real killer. After the case was resolved, Teneiro gave Edgeworth one of her suitcases as a thank-you gift.


After the resolution of Hicks' murder, Teneiro began selling her suitcases online. They proved an immediate hit, being praised for their "post-modern" design. Following this success, Teneiro was put in charge of designing iFly's new line of jumbo jets, which she decided should have yellow seats and pink walls.



Teneiro takes great pride in her job as a "professional flight attendant" and her "service with a smile even if we're crashing into the ocean" mentality. She is extremely committed to her role, being very organized with every aspect of her job. However, sometimes the stress may get to her. Most of the time, the smile that she claims to be proud of is full of eye and corner-of-mouth twitching. Her true self came to light after she was thoroughly questioned as a suspect, when Edgeworth found her in a state of depression and self-doubt. However, she did give a genuine smile after Hicks's murder was resolved, thanking Edgeworth for helping her when she was accused. She also has a tendency to apologize profusely if proven wrong.

Despite her efforts, she occasionally shows signs of incompetence. For example, she did not recognize the word "participle". Teneiro also sells her own designed suitcases in the Gift Shop, but the questionable design has led to no sales. She buys one every flight to make people think they're popular. Cammy Meele insinuated that Teneiro had a crush on Edgeworth, which Teneiro denied.[1]

Despite her professional nature, she is willing to lie and break the rules if it means reaching the truth, as shown when she claimed she had the captain's permission to investigate Hicks's death.


  • "Konomichi" comes from "kono michi" which means "this road" in Japanese.
  • "Ichiru" means "thin" or "a sliver" in Japanese. This could refer to her being narrow-minded.
  • "Rhoda" comes from the Ancient Greek for "rose" or "from the island of Rhodes" (a Greek island that is economically tourist-orientated). Her name shares the first three letters with "rhombus" which, considering her hairstyle and the shape of the buttons on her air hostess uniform, seems fitting.
  • "Teneiro" is similar to the Italian word "tenero", which means "tender", "soft", "delicate", or "kind". This would fit with how she is meant to portray herself in her job.
  • Her full English name could be a play on "road to nowhere", an accurate description of her suitcase sales. Alternatively, it could be a play on "the narrow road" when written surname first. It also bears a phonetic resemblance to Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city of Brazil and a popular holiday destination.
  • In the French fan translation, her name is Mai Déseuyair, which is from the French expression "avoir des oeillères" which means "Not seeing something on purpose and just ignoring something". The "air" in the spelling of her name can also be a joke about the airplanes, like she is flight attendant.


  • Developmental art indicates that one of Teneiro's animations may have included her holding a coffee pitcher at one point.
  • Both her own and Cammy Meele's developmental art indicates that the uniforms of iFly air hostesses were originally intended to be pink instead of white.
  • In some of her early designs, Teneiro's hair was based on a pair of wings. Other sketches show her wearing glasses.
  • Her shorter hair with its unique box-style may be intended to make her seem neat and organized in comparison with Meele, whose own hair is longer and more unkempt.


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