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Ringmaster's Room
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Ringmaster's Papers
Trilo Quist
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Maya Fey
There's a lot of posters here don't you think?
Phoenix Wright
There are indeed.
Maya Fey
So many posters that they aren't likely to miss one, are they?
Phoenix Wright
Maya... We're supposed to be the honest ones here.

The Berry Big Circus Ringmaster's room is the office of the circus's ringmaster. Until his death, it belonged to Russell Berry. It now presumably belongs to the new ringmaster, Moe.


When Phoenix Wright was hired to defend the main suspect in Berry's murder, his investigation eventually led him to the late ringmaster's office. Berry's desk sat against the wall, with a large photograph of the deceased ringmaster and his daughter on it. Wright's assistant Maya Fey thought that the desk looked old and cheap compared to the rest of the room. The tailcoat that Berry wore for performances was on display beside the desk. On the wall above the desk was a line of photographs detailing the history of the circus.

Against the adjacent wall was the mirror the ringmaster used to apply his makeup. Amongst the products lined up underneath were: "Shocking Pink" makeup, another declaring itself to be "100% All Natural Organic Mascara", and one that was apparently "Sensitive enough for a baby, strong enough for a mime". This led Fey to comment that the ringmaster must have been quite metrosexual in his concern about skin care. Above the mirror were a line of framed Thank You cards received due to Berry's annual donations to the "Robot Clown Research Center".

The walls were covered in posters of the various circus performers, including a poster of Max Galactica that Fey surreptitiously swiped for herself, much to Wright's annoyance. There was also a cabinet filled with the various trophies Berry had amassed, including: "All Country Quiz Champions", "Ringmaster's Association Mini Golf Master", "Beer Belly Balloon Bounce Champ" and "Pet Grooming Grand Prix". Benjamin Woodman's puppet, Trilo Quist, was also stuffed underneath this cabinet by Max Galactica as part of the rivalry between the two men. Wright later found and returned the puppet to the ventriloquist.

A table for guests sat in the middle of the room with various papers scattered on top, including the paper used to negotiate Max Galactica's salary. It was caked with mud from Galactica's shoes, which he had put on the table during his meeting with the ringmaster.

Final meetingEdit

In December 2017, an incident occurred during breakfast in which Galactica and Woodman got into an argument over Regina Berry, which ended in the magician hitting the other man over the head with a bottle. After this incident, the ringmaster called Galactica to his office to talk with him. Galactica took the opportunity to discuss his plans to wed Russell's daughter. However, the ringmaster stepped outside due to something important he had to sort out. Russell Berry never returned to his office, as he was accidentally murdered by Acro.

Upon the resolution of the case, Moe the clown took over as the ringmaster.

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