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Ringo Skulkin was an "average Joe" living in London during Ryunosuke Naruhodo's time in the city.

Early Life[]

Nash and Ringo Skulkin were friends with Ashley Graydon (née Milverton), who was very poor. They had a milk business called "Milverton & Skulkin's Milk-Run".

 The brother witnesses[]

Main article: The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story

Nash and Ringo Skulkin, criminal brothers who like pears and apples, respectively. The Skulkin Brothers testify that they snuck into the pawn shop intending to burglarize it. They then stumbled onto the murder and were arrested as suspects. According to them, something drove the brothers to enter the shop. They heard a gunshot behind the vault door that was locked from the inside. The Skulkin Brothers said when they snuck in the pawn shop Pop Windibank suddenly appeared. He then yelled and leaped at them. Ringo was thrown up against the counter as Windibank was stronger than he looked. According to them, they pointed the gun at him and he ran past the door. Thus, because Windibank was the one who locked the door from the back, the Skulkin Brothers could not have committed the crime as a result.


  • His Japanese name "Tarry" (タリー) comes from the Japanese word "Darui", meaning "tiresome".
  • His Japanese surname "Tinpiller" (ティンピラー) comes from the Japanese word "chinpira", meaning "hoodlum".
  • His English name "Ringo" is the Japanese word for apple, referencing his head shape, red clothes, and love of apples.
  • His English surname "Skulkin" is a play on "skulking", and may reference his skull-shaped pin and the skull on the back of his jacket as well.


  • Ringo's love of apples, and by extension his brother's love of pears, may be a reference to a famous phrase of Cockney rhyming slang, a form of slang used by residents of the East End. "Apples and pears" means "stairs".
  • Ringo was originally supposed to have an apple shaped hat.[citation needed]
  • Ringo bears a striking resemblance to the character Mario from the Super Mario video game series in a number of ways. Both are the shorter but older of a pair of brothers, and both are clad in red. Both also have rounded, more circular mustaches than their younger brothers.
    • It is ironic that this is the case, as Mario is a hero and Ringo is a "bad guy".

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