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Rip Lacer was a police detective at the time of the IS-7 Incident.

Fall man[]

Main article: IS-7 Incident

Detective Lacer was initially in charge of the IS-7 investigation. He reported to Chief Prosecutor Blaise Debeste that the victim's body had gone missing. However, this information failed to reach the lead prosecutor for the case, Manfred von Karma. Lacer was eventually replaced by Tyrell Badd, but was still placed in charge of interrogations.

Von Karma arrested Jeffrey Master for the murder before learning that the body had gone missing, and tried to keep this fact under wraps. Master's defense attorney, Gregory Edgeworth, found out about this, but von Karma managed to obtain a forged autopsy report thanks to Debeste's meddling. The subsequent trial lasted a year, until von Karma had Lacer threaten Master: confess, or Katherine Hall would be indicted instead. Master indeed confessed to being an accomplice, but Badd secretly recorded the confession and gave the recording to Edgeworth to use as a "secret weapon". The recording proved that Master's confession had been forced, and while Edgeworth lost the trial, von Karma received the only penalty in his "perfect" record. However, it was Lacer that took the brunt of the blame and was soon fired.


  • Japanese - Wataru Shirase (白瀬 渡):
    • His full name is likely a play on the phrase, "shiraseru" (知らせる), which means "to let (one) know", or "give notice".


  • English - Rip Lacer:
    • This is a play on "replacer", which references the fact he was replaced by, and later replaced, Tyrell Badd.
    • "Lacer" could also be seen as a play on the word "Lacerate", which combined with his first name, "Rip", alludes to his ruthless interrogation techniques.