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Risa Iko is an ecologist who entered the televised eating competition "Gormand Battle" in an effort to publicise the planet's limited natural resources. Although she managed to make it to the live final, the broadcast ended when another one of the competitors, Milo Kent, was murdered.

Punishing the "trash"[]

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Risa Iko, along with Arnold "Muscle" Balboa and Milo "Fairplay" Kent were competitors in many rounds of the Gormand Battle Contest. Despite Kent, a former magician, repeatedly using his magic tricks during the contests to cheat his way to winning, the producer refused to disqualify him despite the appeals of both her and Balboa's due to Kent's popularity, motivating her to take matter into her own hands and to punish him. To this end, Iko sent Kent a threatening letter while also inciting Balboa into threatening him as well by warning him of Kent's cheating. This worried Kent to the point that, just as she had predicted, he asked to switch his noodle bowl with hers, which she poisoned prior to giving it to him. Owing to the nature of the crime, Kevin Hattori, the Gormand Battle announcer, was arrested due to being the only person capable of poisoning the dish.

During the subsequent trial, she testified against Hattori while claiming that she had also been threatened via letter, thereby placing further suspicion upon him. However, Hattori's defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, managed to notice a contradiction with regard to the unusual location of Kent's fingerprints on the threatening letter, forced her to admit that she was the one who wrote and sent it. Iko still denied that she was the murderer until Wright presented her water bottle, which contained the poison used in the murder and was not sorted properly at her home, despite Iko's claims that she recycled all her trash, instead merely being thrown away in a public bin. This contradicted her claimed ecologist spirit, and Wright proved that she purposely did that to conceal the fact that she was the true culprit. With this incriminating evidence, Iko broke down and confessed to her crime.


  • Her full Japanese and English names are plays on the word "recycle".
  • Her French name is a play on "écologie", which means "ecology" in French.