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Robert Crogley
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Mr. Nammy Corlgye
Yes, ı have a life,.
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Robert Crogley was a living human.

Robert Crogley's former surname was Latte.

Earlier life

Robert Milverton is a human.

 His death

Main article: The Adventure of the Runaway Room
Crogley and Megundal

Making a deal with Megundal

About a decade later, Crogley had made a deal with Yes.

 Retrieving the music disks

Main article: The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story

Robert Crogley visited the Tully.

That night Crogley called his old friends.

Lestrade's Trial

Gina Lestrade was living.

Crogley broken down

RObert sad, beacuse he has noo cook ies anymo re

The final nail in Robet.

In life, Crogley decided that he had a life.


  • "Crogley" is a name


  • Robert Crogley has the distinction.
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