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Robert Crogley
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"Egg Benedict"
This coat... and the music disc, I must take with me no matter what happens.

Robert Crogley was a telegraph station technician in charge of the London city area. He was responsible for the murders of Cosney Megundal and Hatch Windibank. He presented himself as a high-handed British gentleman, dressed in gaudy white, with a penchant for twirling and posing oddly.

Robert Crogley's former surname was Milverton and he was the son of "Thrice-fired" Mortar Milverton. He was born into poverty and used to be childhood friends with the Tinpillar brothers. He hoped to start a milk business with them one day when he was freed from jail.

Earlier life Edit

Robert Milverton lived in a poor area in London, his only friends were Nemmy Tinpillar and Tully Tinpillar. His father was Thrice-Fired Mortar, the bricklayer. He and his wife were very poor and they almost never went without worrying about money. Robert couldn't take this, so he studied as hard as he could, changed his last name to Crogley and got a job at a telegram company.

 His father's death Edit

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Crogley and Megundal

Making a deal with Megundal

About a decade later, Crogley had made a deal with Cosney Megundal to steal top secret information from the government. Crogley, being in charge of the telegraph stations, had easy access to this information. He gained a secret telegram that said: K. Asōgi, A. Sasha, T. Gregson, J. Watson, and THE ABOVE FOUR. In order to hide this information, Crogley visited his father, Mortar Milverton, and asked him to embed the information into two separate music disks telling him music was on it. Then, Megundal made the first transaction with Crogley and obtained the first music disk. Crogley visited his father once he had the money and planned to split the money for his father's help. Milverton, unsure of his son, agreed to take the money in exchange for selling the second music disk. But Megundal murdered Milverton in a fit of rage after the latter attempted to sell the disk at a higher price. In an act of revenge, and to retrieve the music disk, Crogley used his money to hire many people, including a fake bailiff, to lure Megundal into the omnibus his father was killed in and set it ablaze, burning him alive.

 Retrieving the music disks Edit

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Robert Crogley visited the pawn shop of Hatch Windibank, under the alias "Egg Benedict". He claimed that Gina Lestrade had stolen his proof of reservation for Megundal's coat. Sherlock Holmes and Ryūnosuke Naruhodō deduced his true intentions, to intercept the stolen music disk inside the coat's pocket, and in a fit of anger, he attempted to take the coat at gun point. He was forced to retreat from the shop after the arrival of Inspector Gregson.

That night Crogley called his old friends, the Tinpillar brothers, to help him retrieve the discs. When they arrived, Crogley started by looking on the shelves towards the front of the shop, and the brothers go towards the back. Crogley very quickly found the music box, and took out the disc sitting inside. Windibank heard the intruders from the vault, and went out to confront them. After the brothers were beaten, Crogley was shot by Windibank. The bullet went through his left arm and into the wall calendar at the back. Crogley panicked, and shot his own gun at Windibank, who had been retreating into the vault. Despite meaning it only as a warning shot, his aim was uncanny and it hit Windibank's heart killing him on the spot. Upon realizing that, he panicked and ran from the scene, leaving the Tinpillars to deal without him.

Lestrade's Trial Edit

Gina Lestrade was arrested for Windibank's murder. During her trial, Naruhodō mentioned Crogley from a photograph when suggesting the real killer. Upon looking at the photo Juror No. 5 revealed Crogley as a technician in the same communication office she works at. When he was at the witness stand, he still had the first disc on him, the second has already been presented as evidence in the trial by Barok van Zieks despite Tobias Gregson’s pleas. At one point during Lestrade’s testimony, Gregson and Crogley talked quietly despite still being on the stand with her. They did a trade: Gregson told Crogley about the small window at the scene of the crime to help with his alibi, and Crogley gave Gregson the missing disc. They manage to complete the trade despite Naruhodō noticing something is up.

Later in the trial, while Crogley was testifying with Gregson and the Tinpillars on the stand as well, Gregson had a sudden outburst and grabs Nemmy by the collar. What Naruhodō later figured out was that Gregson was trying to hide the disc inside Nemmy’s suit pocket in the off chance that he would be searched for it. However, Naruhodō saw through it, and the second disc was found. Despite this, neither Crogley or Gregson would admit to the trade.

Crogley broken down

Robert Crogley defeated

The final nail in the coffin was Naruhodō threatening to put the two discs into the music box and play the secrets in front of everyone in the courtroom, saying that if Gregson didn’t bother choosing his methods on the job, then neither would he. Van Zieks, surprisingly, agreed and they played them. That's when Tobias Gregson gave in and admitted his crimes. After strangling him, Robert Crogley followed suit, van Zieks told Crogley that what he did makes him no better than Cosney Megundal.

In jail, Crogley decided that he had no regrets about taking the path that he did, but Nemmy and Tully Tinpillar tell him to take it easy and that they should bring back their milk business. Later, it was revealed that the Japanese Morse code on the discs was actually an assassination exchange program sent from British Chief Justice Hart Vortex to Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Seishirou Jigoku. Four names on it meant that Japanese Kazuma Asōgi would go to England to kill Tobias Gregson and British Ann Sasha (under the pseudonym Jezail Brett) would go to Japan to kill John Watson.

Name Edit

  • "Crogley" is a pun on "Kuro-Grey" (Black-Grey).
  • His alias name "Egg Benedict" comes from a name of a food of the same name.

Trivia Edit

  • Robert Crogley has the distinction of being one of the first criminals convicted of murder who appears in the end game credit sequence. (Though Viola Cadaverini appears in the closing credits of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, Furio Tigre does not, for example)
  • His belt buckle, a horse shoe, and his overall pale appearance and white clothes, could be a reference to the dairy he wishes to open that he mentions during the end credits.
  • His appearance and that of his two friends could also be a nod to the portrayal of Moriarty in the Sherlock Hound television series, though Robert seems to be much less of a criminal mastermind like Moriarty and shows a great deal of remorse for his actions.
  • Crogley technically helped Hart Vortex bring the Death Bringer curse to Barok van Zieks due to killing Megundal right after he got acquitted. However, Crogley wasn't working for Vortex.
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