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Robotics lab
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Robotics Lab.png
People to meet Apollo Justice
Aura Blackquill
Miles Edgeworth
Available evidence Seven-Year-Old Photos
Metis's Autopsy Report
Robots with a Heart
Emergency Ladder
Linked locations Wright Anything Agency
Detention center
Entrance (Cosmos Space Center)
Boarding Lounge
Launch Pad 1 Corridor
Space Museum

The robotics lab at the Cosmos Space Center. It was used by robotics engineer Aura Blackquill and psychologist Metis Cykes to develop the Ponco series of robots, and later became a crime scene when Metis was murdered there.

Murder of Metis Cykes[]

Main article: UR-1 Incident

On October 7, 2020, an international spy known as the phantom infiltrated the Cosmos Space Center in order to retrieve a psychological profile on him created by Metis at the request of her student and Aura's brother, prosecutor Simon Blackquill. The phantom infiltrated the robotics lab around 2 p.m. and murdered Metis with an ornamental katana she owned, then disguised himself with her Noh mask and Space Center jacket. As he seached for the psychological profile, the phantom was surprised by Metis' daughter Athena, who stabbed him in the hand with a utility knife, causing his blood to land on a moon rock. This was witnessed by the robot Ponco, who had gone into the lab to recharge, although the robot mistook the phantom for Metis due to his disguise. After knocking Athena unconscious, the spy hid the bloodstained moon rock inside the Hope capsule, which was to be sent into space the following day, before fleeing the scene.

Athena regained consciousness and had Ponco move her mother's body to the operating table in order to "fix" her. At this moment, Simon arrived. Thinking that Athena had killed her own mother, he dismantled Ponco with the katana and removed both the girl and the robot from the lab, being caught on camera as he did so. Simon was subsequently arrested and convicted for Metis' murder.


Main article: Turnabout for Tomorrow

Seven years later, Athena was accused of the murder of astronaut Clay Terran, and her defense attorney Phoenix Wright visited the lab to investigate with his daughter Trucy. There, he found Aura in conversation with his former subordinate and Terran's friend, Apollo Justice. Aura soon had her robot Clonco throw both Phoenix and Trucy out of the lab, although the latter returned and was subsequently held hostage by Aura along with several other Space Center visitors. Phoenix and Pearl Fey later returned to the lab, where they met Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, who told them about the UR-1 incident and the evidence that had led to Simon's conviction.


In addition to an operating table for assembling and disassembling robots, the lab contains a station used by Ponco and Clonco for recharging, an emergency ladder that was used for evacuation when the Space Center was bombed, and several rolling cases. In 2027, Aura was using it to develop a large robot named "Judgetron".