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A rock salt lamp was a piece of evidence in Gregory and Miles Edgeworth's respective investigations into the murder of Pierre Hoquet. The murder occurred during Jeffrey Master's Great Dessert Contest, which had the coveted Angel's Recipe Book as the grand prize.

Dover's murder[edit | edit source]

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Delicia Scones planned to use two rock salt lamps to decorate her entry for the finals of the contest. However, Master discovered this, and because the lamps broke a rule that decorations not made of candy weren't allowed, he confiscated both lamps and placed them in his room for safekeeping.

Later, Dane Gustavia entered Master's room in order to photograph a page from the Angel's Recipe Book containing a "recipe" for a cure for ageusia, a secret condition he harbored that nullified his sense of taste. However, Isaac Dover entered just then and saw that Gustavia had been "sneaking a look at his prize". Dover tried to make Gustavia pay a large sum of money to keep the knowledge of his disease private. Gustavia attempted to strike, but Dover struck first, causing Gustavia to hit his head on one of the lamps, breaking it and leaving his blood on it. In retaliation, Gustavia took the other lamp and killed Dover with it.

Wanting to frame Scones for the murder, Gustavia took the lamps and hid them inside her entry. However, because one lamp had his blood on it, he knew it would be quickly identified. In order to prevent himself from becoming a suspect, he took the lamp with his blood on it into Dover's room and shaved off the bloody bits. He then mixed them into the Gemini sculpture Dover had made, making it salty.

Later, Gregory found the lamps in Scones's entry and added them to the court record after deducing that one of the lamps was the murder weapon.

Gustavia's poisoning[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Inherited Turnabout

After deducing a connection between the IS-7 incident, Miles received a photo of the rock salt lamp from Raymond Shields along with other IS-7 evidence. He later used it to show where the salt in the Gemini sculpture had come from.

Details[edit | edit source]

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