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Rocky is a polar bear cub. He is the prison pet of inmate Jay Elbird, assigned as part of the prison's animal therapy program. Rocky is almost always seen grabbing onto the front of the prisoner's vest, which Elbird doesn't mind since the bear acts as an additional weight when he is doing his boxing training. There is a deep bond between the two, although Elbird became annoyed at Rocky when the latter's following of him ruined his plan to escape from the prison.

Foiling a prison escape[]

Main article: The Imprisoned Turnabout

Rocky blowing Elbird's cover.

In March 2019, during a show performed by the Berry Big Circus, Elbird left Rocky in the care of Frank Sahwit, intending on escaping prison. However, while Sahwit was applying mud packs to Rocky, the bear ran away to be with his owner. In chasing after the bear, Sahwit witnessed Anubis, the dog owned by Sirhan Dogen, apparently killing Horace Knightley. Meanwhile, Rocky caught up to Elbird and leaped onto him. This incident was caught on a security camera, and was later initially mistaken for Anubis attacking Knightley.

Later, during the investigation into Knightley's murder, Elbird once again attempted to escape by disguising himself as one of the prison guards, having stolen a uniform beforehand. However, Rocky latched onto him again, blowing his cover.


Rocky adores Elbird, and so is frequently seen latched onto the front of his torso. He loves to be with Elbird to the point of seemingly not wanting him to escape prison, having twice foiled his attempts to do so.


  • His English name in the unofficial fan translation of Gyakuten Kenji 2 is "Rocky", which is likely a reference to the Rocky film series, owing to Elbird's boxing gimmick.