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Rola O'Malley
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Rola O'Malley is the newly wed wife of Patrick O'Malley. She was a witness to the stabbing of Viridian Green.

 Husband and wife witnesses Edit

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PatRola watch Green

Watching Green

Rola has been married to a policeman named Patrick O'Malley for one year. One day, when was walking down Briar Road with her husband to eat on their wedding anniversary, she saw two figures. One of them was collapsed and the other ran away. Upon finding the knife in the collapsed woman, she dropped the bouquet of flowers she bought as an anniversary present for Pat and went to phone the police. Unknown to her, Pat moved the body and the books the other man dropped around her so he wouldn't have to investigate and instead on his anniversary with her, but he forgot about the bouquet.

When she was at the witness stand, Pat was asleep so Rola had to do most of the talking. Soon after Patrick woke up, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō exposed him of tampering the crime scene. Barok van Zieks allows the couple to go home for their anniversary.

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Some time after the trial, Patrick found a shilling and was going to use it to buy Rola a bouquet of flowers. But Gina Lestrade pickpockets it from him saying it was hers to begin with and there is no proof that it's his. That's when Naruhodō, Iris Watson, and Sherlock Holmes come by saying the coin is actually Iris' which lost in the area. Holmes sprays a material that changes the blood on the coin and it's revealed to be from the poker game Naruhodō lost. The O'Malleys comment on what a journey the coin went on.

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Rola O'Malley was excited that her husband returned to her thanks to Barok van Zieks. Pat found himself picking up more change on parole more than anything else, stating that his duty is to protect London and make Rola happy. The two held each other in a loving embrace.

Personality Edit

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Rola O'Malley is a happy-go-lucky young woman. She has good eyesight but is a little tone-deaf.


  • Her and her husband's names are a pun on the word, Patrol.

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