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Roly Beate was a Scotland Yard patrolman working in London during Ryunosuke Naruhodo's time in England. He was a witness to the stabbing of Olive Green.

Moving the scene of an attack[]

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PatRola watch Green

Watching Green with Patricia

Roly Beate was married to a young woman named Patricia for a year. His job includes patrolling the streets of lighting, cleaning gassing lights, and other stuff like that. One foggy day, Beate was just about to end his patrol and go eat dinner with his wife Patricia to celebrate their anniversary. However, they found the unconscious body of one Olive Green on the sidewalk by of a boarding house right at the edge of his jurisdiction. He didn’t want to ruin his one chance to get a break with Patricia, so he decided to put it off on the neighboring jurisdiction. To do this, he first sent Patricia to the neighboring police box. In the time she was away, he moved the body, three books Soseki Natsume dropped when stumbled upon the scene, and a burnt book in Green's hand entitled The Adventure of the Lion's Mane, to the opposite side of the street. Then he decided to place the blame on Natsume as he was the one person they witnessed running away from the crime, believing that there would be no trouble with such a seemingly simple case.

Detective Tobias Gregson thought that since Roly Beate is a policeman, which he considers his most reliable in London, he is trustworthy. When he took the stand with his wife, Patricia had to do most of the talking. First they talk about the books, then Roly says the awning window is proof that the owners of the boarding house, the Garridebs, are not involved with this case. He tried to say he helped with the investigation but Patricia reveals that Green collapsed out of Roly's jurisdiction. Ryunosuke Naruhodo eventually found out about his tampering of the crime scene when he realized that the bouquet Patricia bought for him is on the other side. Beate forgot about that and he didn't testify about any wind blowing. Having been found out, Roly Beate begins to cry. The prosecutor, Barok van Zieks, seeing he's learned his lesson about trivial matters during crime investigation's, tells Roly and his wife to go home. Joan Garrideb was revealed to have accidentally stabbed Olive Green in the back and Naruhodo remembered Beate saying Green was holding the book, which means she bent down to pick it up.

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Some time after the trial, Roly Beate found a shilling and was going to use it to buy Patricia a bouquet of flowers. But Gina Lestrade pickpockets it from him saying it was hers to begin with and there is no proof that it's his. That's when Naruhodo, Iris Wilson, and Herlock Sholmes come by saying the coin is actually Iris's which lost in the area. Sholmes sprays a material that changes the blood on the coin and it's revealed to be from the poker game Naruhodo lost. The Beates comment on what a journey the coin went on.

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Patricia Beate was excited that her husband, Roly, returned to her thanks to Barok van Zieks. Roly found himself picking up more change on parole more than anything else, stating that his duty is to protect London and make Patricia happy. The two held each other in a loving embrace.


Patrick O'Malley mugshot


Roly Beate is shown to be perpetually drowsy due to sleep deprivation stemming from his job as a beat officer. Nonetheless, he always follows his police handwork. He loves his wife, Patricia, so much that he was willing to slightly go against the book and begrudgingly tamper with a crime scene.


  • In both the English and Japanese versions, Roly and his wife's first names are a pun on the word patrol.
  • Japanese - Patrick O'Malley (パトリック・オマーリ, Patorikku Omāri):
    • His Japanese surname, "O'Malley"(オマーリ), is a pun on "Omawari" (お巡り), which means "policeman".
  • English - Roly Beate:
    • His English surname, "Beate", is a play on "beat", a term for an area a police officer patrols.