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Romein LeTouse
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Romein LeTouse
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Romein LeTouse was an Interpol agent who investigated a case of illegal smuggling of Borginian cocoons. As part of this investigation, he became the manager, bodyguard and interpreter for singer Lamiroir. Unfortunately, the case resulted in his death.

Smuggling case[]

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Three months before his death, LeTouse was investigating a case of Borginian cocoon smuggling, which led him to Lamiroir. Suspecting that either Lamiroir or her piano accompaniment, Machi Tobaye, was involved in the smuggling, he offered to become Lamiroir's manager. Later, they met Klavier Gavin, who was moved by Lamiroir's singing and asked her to come to America as a special feature of one of his concerts with his band, the Gavinners. The two composed a song together, and LeTouse came up with the name "The Guitar's Serenade" for the song.

LeTouse learned that the Gavinners' second guitarist, Daryan Crescend, was the intended recipient of the smuggled Borginian cocoon. During the concert, while Gavin and Lamiroir were singing their duet, the Interpol agent confronted Crescend in Lamiroir's dressing room. Crescend managed to steal LeTouse's .45-caliber revolver and shoot him in the shoulder. Crescend then left to perform in the concert and to set up his alibi. However, due to a magic trick being used during the duet, Lamiroir was in the air ducts near the room and had heard the killer's voice.

Defense attorney Apollo Justice and Detective Ema Skye later found LeTouse, who was now dying due to blood loss. LeTouse told him that the "siren" was the key to solving the case, then died.

Tobaye was accused of the murder, and Justice came to his defense. Indeed, Lamiroir recognized Crescend who, as a detective, had been assigned to the investigation of the death. Justice was able to prove that Lamiroir's testimony against Crescend was valid. He also convinced Tobaye to admit to his involvement in the smuggling, which would seal Crescend's fate; Tobaye would have been sentenced to death for his crime in Borginia while he could avoid such a punishment in America.


LeTouse's mugshot.

  • The Japanese name comes from "romaine Lettuce". Shu Takumi happened to see romaine lettuce listed in a recipe when coming up with the bodyguard's name.
  • Other language versions use a corrupted spelling of "romaine lettuce" to form their localized names.


  • LeTouse's design is rather straightforward; an investigator with a solid build. His slightly swollen and disfigured ears were an added detail to convey that the character had seen his share of fights during his life.[1]
  • The circumstances behind LeTouse's death seem to be largely repeated later in the series with Akbey Hicks in Turnabout Airlines. Both are Interpol agents murdered by smugglers whose identities as agents investigators didn't discover for a while after the discoveries of their bodies. Both are also discovered by the main characters of their respective games.
  • Of the five victims in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, LeTouse is the only one who did not partake in any known immoral activities: Shadi Smith planned to scam Wright by staging evidence implicating him as a cheat; Pal Meraktis was a doctor to the mob who hid the fact that the bullet in Wocky Kitaki was still there; Drew Misham was a forger (albeit a regretful one); and Magnifi Gramarye was a blackmailer.


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