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GK Edgey Office
People to meet Miles Edgeworth
Mike Meekins
Dick Gumshoe
Maggey Byrde
Jacques Portsman
Two unnamed police officers
Kay Faraday
Karin Jenson
Eddie Fender
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Turnabout Visitor:

  • Crime Scene Notes
  • Victim's Revolver
  • Secret Safe
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12th Floor Hallway
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Ema Skye
Whoever's office this is, he must be a real stuck-up jerk!

High Prosecutor's Office, Room 1202 is the room on the 12th floor of the Prosecutor's Building that functioned as the office of Miles Edgeworth. The office was previously occupied by Byrne Faraday until his murder in the year 2012. The neighboring Room 1203 was the office of former High Prosecutor Jacques Portsman until his arrest for a murder that took place in Edgeworth's office. Edgeworth has since become Chief Prosecutor and it is unknown who uses this office. Ema Skye once calculated that it would take 3.23 seconds for someone jumping out of the office window to reach the ground below, making the office roughly 51 meters (167 feet) above ground level.


Edgeworth's office is full of various decorations, furniture and memorabilia. There is a King of Prosecutors Trophy that was awarded to Edgeworth on February 21, 2017. Also in this room is a frame containing the suit that Edgeworth wore when he began his prosecuting career, as well as other odds and ends related to other cases he has handled. Like all prosecutor offices, Room 1202 possesses a secret safe, known about only by prosecutors, which is used to store trial evidence. It is hidden behind the suit's frame. There is also a Steel Samurai figurine near the window, with a note on it from a "Wendy".

Visited by Wright[]

Main article: Rise from the Ashes

Edgeworth's office in 2017.

During Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Bruce Goodman, Wright made his first ever visit to Edgeworth's office. At this time, there was a small trace of blood on the floor in front of the desk, detectable using luminol on the floor.

At first, having no idea who owned the office, Wright made disparaging comments about it to his investigative partner for the case, Ema Skye. Edgeworth provided a great deal of help for the defense attorney, despite technically being his opponent. Edgeworth's half of the SL-9 Incident evidence list, his King of Prosecutors Trophy and a fingerprint dusting set all proved vital in revealing the truth of the case.

Murder and echoes of the past[]

Main article: Turnabout Visitor

On the night of March 14, 2019, Jacques Portsman, working for an international smuggling ring, gained access to Room 1202 by tricking the security guard, Maggey Byrde, into opening the door. He then ransacked Edgeworth's files, looking for evidence on the KG-8 Incident before putting the files back in what he believed was the correct order. However, his partner, Detective Buddy Faith, heard the commotion that Portsman was making from Room 1202 and confronted him. A struggle ensued that ended with Portsman shooting Faith through the abdomen and into one of the files. Portsman then wrote "Gumshoe" in Faith's blood on some of the books before escaping to the Criminal Affairs Department.

Later on, Tyrell Badd, a detective who was working to take down the smuggling ring, entered Room 1202 and searched through Edgeworth's paperwork to find a book containing files from the KG-8 Incident. At that moment, Edgeworth entered the office, returning after the frantic events of the previous two days, and found Faith's corpse. As he took in the shocking sight, he realized that he was not alone, and Badd held a gun to the prosecutor's back as he made his escape, leaving the book that he had stolen in the 12th Floor Hallway. Within hours, Edgeworth figured out what the two intruders had done, though he had not figured out the whole story behind them nor that Badd had been the second interloper.

The next morning, Edgeworth took the opportunity to sit back with a relaxing cup of tea. Unfortunately for him, his break was brutally cut short when Kay Faraday burst in and dragged him into another case. It was in this backdrop that Edgeworth found out the whole story about Portsman's involvement in the smuggling ring and Badd's identity, as well as the latter's part in the Yatagarasu vigilante heists.

During the "Prosecutor Purge"[]

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Over the course of his investigation into a connected series of murders, Edgeworth continued to use his office, mainly between cases. The most notable event, however, was when Karin Jenson brought an amnesiac Kay Faraday to see him in his office.


If the chessboard in the office is examined during Rise from the Ashes, Phoenix Wright will notice that the red knights on the chessboard are all carrying swords with pointy "edges", while the blue pawns have "spiky hair". This is a reference to Wright and Edgeworth's courtroom rivalry.